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Joe Perry accepting the Les Paul award 2017 presented by Johnny Depp

And the curious mention on the People's Choice Award.

I just want to point this out to you. Check this out for social porn, and then listen to the rest of the show for awesome guitar (and lousy microphones for singers):

If you don’t speak gentleman, what just happened here was Joe Perry saying “fuck you” to Amber Heard.

That’s all.

(What was this about you might wonder? Yeah, so the same week, Johnny Depp received the People’s Choice Award for the favorite star of the year or some such thing, probably un-nominated, because people can actually just type in a name they prefer. It’s not uncommon he receives the award per say, it’s just that he’d been accused of domestic violence against his bimbo wife Amber Heard, who did everything in her power to undermine Depp and everything he did – granted, I believe she was thrown an iPhone at, and that it hit her in the eye, too, and that she was probably given a few runs around the house by Depp, but I’d say she had it coming – and I am completely unashamed when I say sometimes it is OK to hit a woman. So. What Perry said, in there, between the lines was: “The people have spoken. They’re with you, as am I, and the ex can keep on talking all she likes.” What is also to note is that this was uncharacteristic from Perry to point out awards. This time it meant something. It was as though he was waiting for an opportunity to say something that wouldn’t have been too pushy, too forward or too obvious in the circumstance – some things are best said veiled…)

Fuck that man can play tho. Guitars, I mean, guitars. Perry, I mean, Perry. But everyone knows I’m the biggest fan… Well. Almost. I realized the other day that there was still a couple of Aerosmith songs that have never met my ear drums so far. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT, but a few songs from The Wings… I didn’t have them. I mean… WTF happened?!

By the way, they played Combination, which was released as a single B-side on the day I was born. Just saying.


To be honest, Joe was probably just being nice and supportive and acknowledging Depp’s recent award in the light of recent events, but… I kinda like my wording better.


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