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Johnny’s half-wit wife and her undeclared dogs

OK, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Mrs. Depp, the half wit blonde as she seems to be, has insisted that resists not of her bringing in her dogs to Australia, that has one of the strictest quarantine laws in the world. What wouldn’t a man do for his new wife, right? I can just imagine the conversation, but whatever. He agreed so he’s half to blame. I can’t exactly say that I don’t understand why she insisted on skipping the formalities, because in 2008 I brought in my pet dog Primo, to Australia – by the book – and although the experience was something I do not recommend to anyone, it is a fact there must be precautions made when bringing live stock to a country like Australia.

This continent is unique in it’s flora and fauna. Separated by waters, it has got a separate evolutionary background than the rest of the world does. What is biologically OK elsewhere here can cause a major drama. You remember how the aliens were defeated in the World of Worlds? Yeah, a bit like that. A fungus, a bacteria or a virus that is commonplace elsewhere, in Australia may not be. I do not know every danger a dog may pose for the stability of Australian wild life, but it is not my job to know. It is the job of the customs officers who guard our borders. They are not there to make incomers life difficult, they are there to make sure the people and animals inside the country will be secure.

Any new species that has been brought here by previous generations, have overtaken the country’s own fauna and exploded in a population lacking natural enemies and all that. Camels roam Australia in great numbers, cane toads are numerous and certain rat species have replaced the original fauna, to name a few, simply because they are more potent here than in their original countries. It is easy to understand why bringing in a rodent from another country might be iffy, but a dog might be a bit more difficult to understand… But still, you’ve gotta understand that much!

And now in Tasmania, who is protected by TWO quarantine check points, we are drowning in Argentinian ants and a mysterious beetle that arrived from somewhere… Uninvited. For instance, in Tasmania, we do not have a problem with heart worm yet, like they do in the main land, thanks to people like the Depp’s bringing it in from who knows where, but it never got to Tasmania – that I know of, because they check the dogs coming in from the mainland for heart worm. That is a 1-hour flight, people, within the same country.

Clearly, it is unlikely that the dogs of super stars would be carrying any dangerous diseases with them, but it is not the Depp’s call to simply over-ride the countries quarantine laws because they don’t suit them. And now, their dogs are pending euthanasia if not removed. Was it fucking worth it? FUCK. This Makes Me Angry! Apparently, the dogs are to be flown out this Friday, or be put down… Let’s see if the Depp’s count on their luck on that one and expect the authorities to go easy on them.

To be honest, I understand her unwillingness to leave the dogs alone, my dog is the same way. He suffered from severe separation anxiety, that, magically, cleared upon arrival to Australia. He barked for 30 days in the quarantine center, so badly that by the time we got him home, he had lost his voice and a few kilos of weight. But he was never worried about being left alone since. I don’t know if it was the time at the quarantine center, or because he could see out through our window unlike he ever could before, but he’s never been worried since, not even after moving to a new house. As terrifying as it was for us to wait for him to get back, not knowing if he’d be traumatized for life, at least I know that my dog doesn’t endanger the health and well-being of the dogs that were already here. I didn’t suspect that he would have been carrying in diseases, he had always had regular vaccinations and the last time Finland had an incident of rabies was 20 years ago (I think) making Finland a moderate risk country to Australia.

I would be willing to bet, that the Depp’s would have had some special treatment should they have been fair about their dogs’ arrival and the special circumstances (including money). And if she’s anything like me, she would have spent the nights in the dogs’ pen to avoid leaving them alone – but most likely they would have been able to bring the dogs in and into their estate, as long as they would have kept the dogs contained – I don’t know, but I would suspect they could have, if they would have pestered the authorities a bit. Given their prominent status, I bet they could have made a good case about bringing the dogs in – but at the worst case, they could have afforded a hotel accommodation near by the quarantine center so they could have visited the dogs every day if they wanted to. A luxury we couldn’t afford… But too uncomfortable to the princess¬†new missus, perhaps?

So what danger did their dogs pose? Probably nothing, but the fact is that a tiny mite in their ear could have had unprecedented consequences. Do celebrity dogs get mites? Of course, they do. They can carry mild, infectious diseases, but they could have been subjected to an infectious, lethal disease of any kind without them knowing by simply walking the streets somewhere in US before embarking on this journey. That mite could have been transmitted to the local koalas, who would have died of the special disease that the mites carry that doesn’t affect dogs. Just saying. Was it right of them to endanger Australian dogs and Australian native fauna that is already struggling under the pressure of introduced animals and diseases, simply because it was inconvenient on them to go through the proper procedure? If they cared for their dogs that much, they could have understood that even though our pooches are not famous, they are just as important to us as theirs are to them, but we are not quite as able to pay for the veterinary bills that come from the risk of having their dogs enter the country without declaration… Not to mention the wild animals who do not get the luxury of being toted on on a daily basis until the introduced calamity was well on top of them.

So fuck, don’t do this kind of shit, especially if you claim to love animals!!

But for the record, Barnaby Joyce is a prick, loathed by all Australians already, and he made a good show of it by making it obvious how low Aussie politicians are permitted to go on their personal attacks. I am simply following suit here, aren’t I… With that air-head bimbo comment. Welcome to fucking Australia.


Edit 30.7.2017: Damned I was fair on that woman, I even unpublished this article for being too bitey on a woman I knew nothing about… When I wrote this, she was, to me, Amber Never Heard Of Her. Notoriously, I’ve since lost all respect I had for her on the account of being a fellow human being, now, in my world downgraded to the status of a parasite, Amber Wish I Had Never Heard Of Her. They should have stopped Depp from bringing her into the country instead.

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