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Love and Mercy – the story of the Beach Boys

Probably one of the most under-valued movies ever..? I don't know?

My guess is critics didn’t like the movie. I don’t know, I would imagine they wouldn’t have a clue what was happening in it. I would imagine, that the average person watching that movie would think it’s just another story of yet another rock band that wasn’t very good, to begin with, and that they simply made a nice movie with some nice actors and glorified insanity and yadayadayada. My guess. Haven’t read one of them. Everyone who says that movie was shallow or stupid or whatever they want to slander it with are wrong. DEAD FUCKING WRONG. Blatantly wrong and without vision.

What you need in order to fully appreciate the movie is probably a form of mental illness in yourself or someone of your family, you need a touch of psychic skills, excellent people skills, understanding of the narcissistic personality disorder, you need to know how to appreciate musical genius, and, you also need to understand the dynamics of a soulmate relationship. Not half of you retards have all those abilities.

I was watching this movie with my eyes as wide as saucers the whole time. It was so honest, so real, so freaking incredible, so ENWRAPPED, it was no longer acting but channeling. I was on a psychic trip the whole time… So yeah, I do have an advantage. I can connect to the souls of these people while I watch the movie, so I must understand that not everyone has that ability, but let me tell you this… Whatever you think was exaggerated or out of place, was not. The story was so honest and real… Perhaps I should also read something about the Beach Boys before I make a grand statement like that, but allowing artistic expression here and there in order to bring about the honesty, the part that takes you right there. I had to remind myself that I wasn’t watching reality unfold as I was watching this movie. SO yeah.

But… All credit to every other actor and actress in the movie, but playing opposite to John Cusack (as Brian Wilson) Elizabeth Banks did the most awesome job as Brian’s girlfriend and future wife Melinda Ledbetter. The reason why I say this is because you could SENSE the energy that she sent to both Cusack/Brian and Paul Giamatti who was playing Dr. Eugene Landy, a narcissistic/psychopath(?) psychiatrist of Brian Wilson. It is difficult for me to say if anyone but a psychic could sense the vibes that she had going in there, but it was simply phenomenal! I have never, ever seen anything like that, the scene where she stood trying to get into her car while Dr. Landy was trying to get her under his control and command and to submit under his ruling, and she was quite gently sizing him up, allowing him to say what he had to say while being completely sensible about it, yet scared of him and what he is capable of, not buying a word that came out of his mouth – it was simple poetry. To allow his attack go straight past her, while she was peering right into his soul, reading him while he was struggling to get a grip on her. And how she finally got into her car, Dr. Landy knowing he didn’t have her in his grip, but trying to convince himself that he had. Incredibly done by both of them! It couldn’t have been more real if it was real!

The only part where they lost me was when Brian was in his bed listening to these voices chit chatting away like they were at a party. It would have been interesting to see more of what was happening with him while he was in bed for all this time (apparently 2 to 3 years), and what kept him there. This part of his life, that was probably much more significant than what it sounds like, was brushed aside as a mere side note.

And, since I am actually not a movie critic, but a soulmate expert, I must point out the way they described the relationship between Melinda and Brian, the way the relationship started out bizarrely (they always do) and how she managed to inject her healing power into his life just when he needed it most. This was absolutely not an exaggeration, or playing it down, either, I don’t know which way you’d view it, the incredible comfort that you could sense about them, while she was skeptical to begin with… It seems to me, by what I’ve heard from people and experienced myself, is that when soulmates (true spirit mirrors) meet, the guy tends to say some pretty weird stuff at the first date, leaving the girl quite baffled. In the movie, he said: “My brother died” at the weirdest time, followed by equally erratic “I am no longer married.” Both of which could be explained away by his mental disorder, but is really about him meeting his soulmate for the first time. Mine said to me, we weren’t together, he said, quite randomly, a line that was also in the movie: “Whoever spares the rod hates his son.” looking at me as if asking if I approve of spanking of children, while I’m sitting there thinking: “Are you asking me to have children with you?” He is, to my knowledge, a perfectly sane guy. 😀 (Yeah, that’s a story for another movie.) Another story that I recall, was this girl who was being hit on by a Spanish fellow, who all of the sudden lamented: “I am a very hairy man.” If only I could remember more examples off the top of my head, but you get the idea. And these phrases always seem to come out as a result of a deep thought, and like it was of the utmost importance that they are being said. Sometimes they are things that the girl really needed to hear, sometimes the meaning of those words doesn’t open up until they understand their past lives… In my case, I believe we’ve had disagreements over the punishment of our children, in the case of the hairy guy, I suppose she always loved his hairy chest… In the case of Brian – well, he, in comparison, made perfect sense. I wonder what he really said…

To add to that, the relationship between the Beach Boys themselves was portrayed quite beautifully, too… I am again inclined to think that you’ve got to be a psychic to get this, but in the plane when Brian was having a panic attack (I assume) the guys reacted to him in the most authentic way… I cannot describe it, because there was a sense of urgency, of course, but also this underlying “oh it won’t be serious because serious things really never happen” and the “our brother is in trouble and he needs us”, the deep brotherhood that combined them.

The thing is, people, Brian Wilson is surrounded by soulmates. Soulmates tend to drive you insane. That’s their job. Healthy people are insane. Balanced people are insane. The reason why the others aren’t insane is because they simply weren’t, but for a genius, it is a must to be surrounded by his soulmates so that their genius has room to grow and be free. It won’t happen otherwise. Unfortunately, his father, who was a completely toxic figure in his life, is also his soulmate, a close one, and his reaction to his son is that of an inferior, not a superior, something that so often happens between soulmate-parent-child combination. His father could not accept his inferiority, and to maintain his superiority he had to avoid looking truth in the eye because he could not face the fact he was jealous of his own son’s success and talent. He probably felt that his son had stolen his talent from him when he was born and was now riding his wave to success, something that is not a foreign feeling to the parents of successful people. It would be helpful to inform people that everyone’s talent is their own doing, and the fact that you are related is simply your souls being compatible, the child didn’t inherit talent in genes, they simply used the genes to build a machine sophisticated enough to receive the talent of the soul. Natural talent and instinct is the result of previous live’s hard work and continued interest in whatever interests any given person – nothing in this world is given out for free.

Now I know it was just a stupid rock n’ roll movie for most people, but as light as it was, it was genius in the deep – so many layers to enjoy about it. It is sad that most people will never see it that way, although it doesn’t take that to enjoy it – after all, it is about the Beach Boys.



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