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Loyalty vs. being a backstabbing dick/bitch

As in how being too loyal can make you a royal asshole

“Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a fuck.”


Why not? Why the hell not? Give me one good reason to keep you whiny ass bitch around for “your loyalty”? Fuck that. What do you think I’m going to use you for, you and your loyalty? As a drug mule, perhaps? I’d value your loyalty if I ran a drug cartel, that’s for sure, but as I don’t… What good is your loyalty to me apart from the pleasure of seeing how disrespectfully I can treat you before you fuck off – good for one’s ego, you are, and a source of amusement as me and my real friends laugh at your desperation and lack of self-respect…

People who take loyalty as their primary value in life are in for some real shit. When you start down the road of “testing someone’s loyalty”, you know it’s  not going to be a fun thing to watch. When someone is trying to push you away with all their might, and you think they’re simply testing your loyalty or your love for them – that’s where you get yourself repeatedly beaten up or killed. NEVER value loyalty beyond a certain point – know where your limit is, and make that a clear cut difference between someone worthy of your loyalty and someone not worth your loyalty. What kind of a treatment do you think is OK as “a test of loyalty”? How much of a door mat are you going to be, exactly?

I personally do not take pride in being loyal, quite the opposite. I am the quickest one to take the exit if people don’t treat me right. I’m like “Oh yeah? You think you can take that tone with me?” As I walk out the door. I don’t want to scare anyone as most people have this shit down pat without needing guidance, but you know what I’m talking about… Deal breakers as far as disrespect goes. Then, there are people who will take any amount of crap from “their friend” or “their lover” before the first instance of their self-respect starts to tentatively rear its pussy-whipped head. “Oh is it okay if I abandon this person after they’ve regularly repeatedly beaten my head against the stove now for the last 2 years or so?” “Oh fuck no, they’re just testing your loyalty, and you’ll be failing them if you leave now, and you never know what you’ll miss out on, considering this lover/friend audition process is such a rigorous one!” “Oooh.. Okay… I guess you’re right…”

So you’ve been thrown in jail for something you didn’t do for the 3rd time in the row as a scape goat, and you still think someone is “testing your loyalty?” Fuck no. Your stupidity has been well-established and now it’s being taken advantage of. Do not mistake stupidity for loyalty.

How much crap is “a friend” worth to you anyway? How do you define a friend? Someone who spoke to you last week and is still talking to your miserable worth-nothing ass today? Maybe time to raise your standards a little?

Now… The level of loyalty that one should expect in a friend or a partner is to not stab you in the back while calling themselves your (best) friend. Like… If you two are best friends, and this person talks shit behind your back to the man or woman that they know you’d die for, causing him to think you’re a royal bitch or a first-grade dick… Yeah. Loyalty breached. No need to trust that person ever again.

Then again, what if you assume that everyone knows what your intentions are in a new relationship and you’re all into this girl or guy but haven’t exactly agreed to exclusivity yet, and they don’t want to put pressure on you by assuming that you’re exclusive even though no such thing has been mentioned, so they sleep with other people waiting for you to make up your mind..? Disloyalty or miscommunication? (Yeah, so he NEVER even remotely acted like a boyfriend, he ran out the door as soon as he woke up in the morning on every Sunday and sometimes on Saturday, but he would never call me before 10 pm and only on weekends, mostly at 4 am on Saturdays and Sundays to ask me where I was, how was I supposed to know he expected me to be FAITHFUL or assume he was? Fuck that. Yeah. Would have been nice to know fidelity was wished for…)

I do react every time I see someone posting a lamenting quote about loyalty on social media, I simply see red. It’s the expectation of loyalty that makes “victims” of domestic abuse return to spouses who are trying to send them a message that the relationship is over back home to get another round of abuse, in the blind trust that they’re some magical being that holds the keys to happiness, if only I prove to be tough enough, if only I prove to be loyal enough… Jesus.

And gladly, for once, I do not speak of experience, because I’ve never been that goooood damned stupid.

But the spirit folk around me has. No matter how much venom I spew at them, they simply won’t get the message: “Nothing for you here.” “Oh but maybe if we just sit silently for a while before we try again..?”



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