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Many things have fallen into place in a short time span with my True Spirit Mirrors

As you know, I am constantly connected to a whole heap of people, most importantly, my True Spirit Mirrors. In the last few days or a couple of weeks, a few major realizations has followed the other, releasing one lock after the other, something that… shouldn’t have even been there, really… Considering.

The fact that women, too love sex, want it, need it, and crave it, and that they want a man and love the male body as much as men do… And that a man in love (True Spirit Mirrors and Twin Flames) tend to shy away from the woman they love, because they don’t want to violate their virtue by their sexual desires toward them… (Convincing themselves that a man who doesn’t see them  quite in such a sexual light would be better for them – their Partial Spirit Mirror soulmate.)

That obvious observation started a series of other realizations falling into place.

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You’ll live for as long as you live, and once you stop living, you don’t have to worry about staying alive any more because you’ll be dead.


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