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Sex First

I'm looking for people between ages

26-35, 36-45, 46-55, 56-65, 66-ancient

How important is age to you?

But a number… But more squirmish about men much younger than I than about men much older.

How old do you feel?


About Me


One of those people who often find that people tend to only know one aspect of who I am and expect to know the rest. I have so many things in common with so many people many people make the mistake of thinking “I am just like them”. A person who has never felt that way can’t possibly understand what I mean. I know there are a lot of people who get it a lot: “I feel we have a special connection” when you know it’s only a fraction of who you are that this person knows.

That is not to say that I do not believe in true connection or that I don’t feel it deep with some people myself. It’s just like I am an ocean, and many lakes think that just because they fit into me perfectly and effortlessly, that I feel the same way about them.

Relationship Status

Single, In a polyandrous (fmm) relationship, Will play, Still room, It's complicated (more below)

Tell a bit more about your existing relationship

I am a contradiction even in my relationship status. I am both single and in a polyandrous relationship, which is to be explained thusly: I am a psychic. I have a spiritual connection to my lovers of several lifetimes. We are constantly together in spirit, (and I’m making new “friends” at a scarily fast rate in the mindset I am now), but we haven’t either ever met or we haven’t met in years. Lots of things in my life were amiss when I willingly opened my psychic senses to make sense out of it all, and now I am in a good place, even if not in the perfect place yet. And yes, I can teach you how to do it – I blog about it all the time, just find the blog… If you have a specific question, shoot me a message and I’ll either answer it or write a blog post about it… For as long as I can keep up with the requests. I am also open to taking on private clients very, very selectively though.

Hmm. This was supposed to be about my relationship, but you’ll find that I ramble.

Do you self-identify by a subculture, ideology, or a religion?

Rocker, and in some sense, BDSM, Individualism, Separatism, New Age, Polyamory,


Attractive (minor flaws)


I like to write about people who I know and am interested in. I anonymize what I write, unless it’s public knowledge, but in some cases what I mention MIGHT be or seem to be identifiable. (Sometimes people think they are THE ONLY ONE who has this problem and freak out when someone they’ve talked about it brings it up.) If you have an issue with this, I’m not the best choice of a friend.


Looking for



Polyandry (FMM+), Polyandry plus play (FMM+ and playmates)

Describe your ideal relationship

In my ideal relationship, I’ve returned to my aforementioned ancient lovers, so to speak. We live in a closed community which people can come and go to and from as they please, but not without anyone noticing. This is simply to ensure nobody walks into anything they’re not prepared for, namely, sexual anarchy… Or.. Dante’s Hell. LoL.

I am a sexually submissive polyandrous chick, which, more or less, means that I want to be gang raped by a bunch of brutal dudes and then marry them all. 😀


Secret Dreams

Would you like someone to take you on as a project?

I would really have to be head over heels in love to let people change me, and the trust would have to be 100%.

Do you want to train the people you love into perfection?

Well sort of, but I have to feel like they want me to.

Some thoughts about this?

This field is based on a 6-year battle with people who I’ve “trained” to be even tolerable to me, which, to them, is a sign of absolute true love. Generally speaking, I find it VERY disrespectful to get into a love relationship with someone just thinking “I can make something out of you” but… When I find someone who is so close to perfection that I feel that they need just that little extra push, or for someone to challenge them to bring them to that next level of INCREDIBLE, that’s where I’ll start feeling the for change… But I do prefer to call it “expanding them” making them more of what they already are.

But I am a sexually submissive female, which means that a man I love has the permission to mold me into their perfect partner. Otherwise, the same idea as above is true… if you think you can improve on the perfection… 😉 I am fond of myself as an individual though, so there’s a lot more resistance here than in my sexual side.


The primary relationship should be to

Romantic partner(s)

When your relationship priority is conflicted, which do you primarily choose?

Accept it without contest and end the relationship and move on in peace

Do you prefer male or female company? (When sex is off the table.)

Male company


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