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Michael Teachings Soul Ages and my own Solid/Fluid Thinker -theory

The overlap and origin

The references to anything Michael Teachings is published under fair use. More detail below:

I rarely use ANY reference material at all in my work, and I am very uncomfortable with having used this much. We all know the concept of a young soul and an old soul. All philosophers and scholars of all walks of life have tried to make the differentiation between the young and the old souls, whatever words they’ve used; materialists vs artists, conservatives vs. liberals, extroverts and introverts, you name it, any duality plays up with the same idea, even men and women are often being forced into a young soul / old soul categorization without people realizing. However, the Michael Handbook – A Channeled System for Self Understanding has taken things a little further. The authors Jose Stevens, Ph.D. and Simon Warwick-Smith have divided the soul age levels further down to 5 categories, each of which are divided by 7 sub levels. They are, indeed, handy! I find it difficult to stay away from them, and in many ways, limiting oneself to two categories, “young and old” or, Fluid and Solid Thinkers in my theories, has proven effective. However… There are situations when one needs to divide these groups further much like in this book. I have done some alterations to the chart myself, for one thing, where they believe people become non-physical, I believe life truly gets started, so I’ve called these people “ancient spirits” for now, although I believe further dividing is required for them, as well, and I am not certain “ancient” suffices in describing all possible soul age levels living on the planet at the moment… As many ancient spirits are the only people who truly love life and enjoy it to the absolute fullest of it.

I do not channel Michael myself, (and no, Michael in this context is neither Jackson or Angel but a group of about a thousand disincarnate souls who decided to pick a mutual name for themselves for the sake of ease of referring to them). I can connect to Michael, but I prefer to work in another way; I do not channel my answers, I take clues from the entities I discuss, (mainly child and teen souls, or baby and young souls as Michael chart calls them, who, in much of a state of panic are trying to guide an ancient being on my way). I remember the first time I came to contact with them… “I cannot believe how out of depth you are…” I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be insulting, but from the start, this dynamic felt weird, but it became clear in the end why it had to be so. Blind leading the seeing has been the theme for our existence for a  long time, and it should come to a stop, and we should start honoring the soul age levels and the experience of the ancient beings a bit more than what we have to date… but it is our own doing – we like to stay humble. We force ourselves to stay humble because we know the embarrassment when we insist on knowing something we haven’t got the first clue on from previous life times.

I wrote an eBook on soul age levels as one of my first works in spirituality, but I need to revise it before I republish it. While writing, the only source of information I held was this soul age chart that I found more than helpful as a guide to my own intuition. It will take some work, however, and I wish to do that work together with my closest soulmates who I haven’t met yet. I wrote the eBook with Anton, who is an unknown True Spirit Mirror of mine, but I cannot stand another time of close contact with him without his physical presence, it would be unbearable.

So, the idea of soul age division came from Michael, and their channels, also the back bone of it comes from them. I don’t know if I will honor the structure in my future work, but it seems it’s fairly well thought out and it’s hard to improve on it. However, it is a work from a slightly younger soul than I am, therefore my perspective to it is slightly different. They are too young to understand that life is about a play, and that we should learn to play a lot younger age than what we do now. Nothing to fear, nowhere to fall, the Universe is just a big padded room with trampoline floors! 😀 You might get hurt a little, but never too much for it to be TOO serious – unless you get yourself into a really big mess with an Ancient Spirit…



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