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My reading coming true; Axl Rose and Slash friends again?

 I haven’t edited this post since I wrote it, apart from moving it from one blog to another and reattaching the photo. It shows a more recent “checked” date, and that’s why.

Some time ago, I did a public Tarot reading for Axl Rose and Slash, (whose souls insist I call them “my friends-in-spirit”, but you’ll have to take my word for that they did), seeing into their personal relationship issues and trying to figure out how they could sort out their issues. Yesterday I came across a piece of news reporting that they are “friends again”, tentatively, so, of course. It is wise to stay tentative for a while because the relationship was volatile, and although a lot of the issues may be solved by now, new ones may arise at a moment’s notice because the emotions get heightened so quickly between men who love each other so dearly… And whenever there is love that strong, hate is never too far away until a complete union has been accomplished.

Here’s to hoping my friends-in-spirit will come across this post and take heed, because nothing would make the rock fans, myself included, happier than seeing these guys on tour again, smiling ear to ear.

The biggest danger to the reunion, as far as the two go, and also the easiest one to solve, is that Slash is going to not shout back when Axl loses his temper – and he’s going to. He has to. See, there is no place for excessive respect inside an intimate relationship such as these two are destined for – and I don’t mean intimate in THAT sense, but simply intimacy in the scope of blood brothers, who do not hold back one thing from each other and who are fully bonded into the depths of their soul. Slash needs to get personal with Axl at some stage, as in, hit below the belt, because that will translate to Axl that he doesn’t consider himself better than him, but his equal. “I am not going to stoop to your level” attitude will translate as exactly that: “I am better than you are”, so if Slash wants to make Axl feel good enough for him, he needs to throw a few low punches here and there.

The second danger is that Axl is not going to hear Slash’s cues when he is truly hurt by Axl’s words and mistakes Slash’s respect for Axl for indifference toward him. Because Slash and Axl use the opposite-end methods for bonding with a friend, they are having trouble communicating what they truly want from each other, because Slash needs quiet and respect and calm talk, while Axl needs to dig into Slash’s deepest parts by picking a fight with him. Slash needs to know that Axl doesn’t mean half the things he says, all he wants is a reaction. This, to a respectful soul like Slash can be inexcusable, but when there is enough love to support it, anything can be forgiven if the intent is correctly understood. Axl needs to know that Slash will give his soul to him, if and once he trusts Axl to treat it with love, care, and respect, but since Slash is a very sensitive individual, he won’t do that easily, and the same problem exists between Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, by the way, Steven being the Axl of the relationship. So, both of them need to learn to act a little bit out of their comfort zone; Axl needs to pull back a little bit, and Slash has to engage into fights a bit more in order to let Axl truly hear what he’s saying, and neither one of them should never once lose sight of the fact they love each other, and that what they both want – without openly admitting to it in order to avoid putting too much pressure on the other and the relationship – that they will reunite and get on a tour or into a studio together once more.

They are also both likely to be too tentative in their reunion, too careful to admit what they really want, because of what I just mentioned; to avoid too much pressure on each other, and to avoid being too… eager. It is also an ego-protecting thing that both of them are doing and also trying to avoid getting their hopes up only to have them brutally smashed by the other right after they’ve admitted to each other that they really truly miss one another and the times on tour and all of that mushy stuff… You know how it goes… But that is ultimately what both of them want, and if you two ever wind up reading this together, now it’s time to point at the screen and go: “is this true?” And if one of you will reply “Well, sort of. Pretty close” or something similar, what it really means is: “Every word.” (Damned I’m good. 😉 )

A true, heartfelt conversation outside all business issues is called for… More than one, in fact. Many. Plenty of them, but most importantly the one that solves the issue of what do you both want out of this. And at the same time, the fear of starting something that huge again knowing full well how it ended up the last time is going to be a difficult task to accomplish, especially as there’s going to be lawyers and managers and all sorts of individual benefit-protectors with their arms elbow deep in the pockets of their ‘protectee’ screaming warnings into their ears: “We want you to do this, it would be awesome, it would make you millions, but if that bastard Axl/Slash will do this to you, we have to make sure your legal rights are covered and we’ll put his ass on the sling for it…”

The biggest danger, overall, is really not how these two are going to solve this, but the corporate wheels that have probably already started turning over them, trying to crush them into a convenient nice package that they can control and sell for years to come. This means, to the corporations, that the FINANCIAL SECURITY must be established, and that means walls between the friends. Unfortunately, the walls create the very danger they are seemingly put up to protect them from. However, there is another, much more valid danger to the corporate world that these two pose, IF they are allowed to stand together rather than separately packaged but closely displayed Ken-dolls on a Target shelf, is that they will AVOID corporations altogether if left to their own vices. They will actually do this like friends, and they will not allow stuff to come between them, and that, of course, is a financial disaster for their companies and makes the pair impossible to control and utilize.

I advise them to cut the middle men and to not use any security measures against each other this time around. To go into this should be an exploration with the mindset of accepting that it can go horribly wrong, or it can create the most amazing thing that rock n’ roll has ever seen, but which ever way it goes, it should go there authentically, on its own value, and by using no force or underhanded means toward the other. To make this less of a circus and more a party would be a good idea, to keep things as simple as possible and to simply reconnect with each other and then the fans and venues directly, by keeping the people closest to them clear of all suspicious characters – instinctively. They should keep anything and everyone away that doesn’t feel good to have around, no matter what the reason or even if the reason isn’t quite clear.

I just got a real chill, I checked out the previous post I made about Axl and Slash – and it was written and posted exactly one year ago. WHOA. 😮 (HONEST TO GOD.) I had to double check because I couldn’t believe my own eyes!

The advice from Tarot this time comes to say: Slow down to hurry up; as in, move slow, think every move twice, KNOW that you are cautious for a reason. Don’t try to speed things up simply because others are pushing you into it, and try not to slow down for the same reason. Whenever in doubt, shut everyone else out of the room and talk to each other, everyone else can go to Hell.

Do not get yourselves into a contract that makes you a slave (accountable) to a corporate master. HIRE PEOPLE to do things for you, and DO NOT get hired yourselves. If anyone causes a ripple between you two and the rest of the band, fire them on the spot. (Put THAT in all your contracts, apart from anything inside the band, because if any problems arise in the band, you will work through them on a personal level, and nobody in the band should be worried about being fired if they blow their top every now and again. The rest of your employees should watch their behavior and watch it closely because to them this is business, not a friendship.) If you need investors, raise money online, who cares what it looks like, but avoid ALL ACCOUNTABILITY towards external forces. Think everything twice, be rebellious against the world and pull together, because you are rebels, you still are – angry old men – and this time around, a whole lot wiser, too. Rethink everything, don’t submit to the rules of the business, there is no “this is the way this industry works” – fuck that, if it doesn’t work the way you want it to, create a new business model and make it work for you. Do whatever you have to to keep together and keep the sharks away. Go slow. Think every possible outcome that can come out of every decision that you make. You’re not going to be getting much older, as in you are not going to be losing your looks anymore, haha, so you’re all too old to be in a hurry, and you’re all too old to afford to fuck this up again, so play it safe. Your fans are going to wait forever, and you’re not going to lose any of them by making them wait a while longer, so you’ve got all the time in the world. Hurry to move slow, and slow down to move fast, steady as she goes.

Let the steam pass too, as in, don’t hurry this along just so you’d get to do a show before you two have a major fight again. Have the fight first (it won’t take you too long), and once the dust settles, THEN do the show and whatever you’re planning. Bond first, work second. And if work doesn’t come out of it, at least you know you can’t work together yet before you’ve invested a whole heap of other people’s money into the endeavor, so keep things safe in your own hands where they belong.

Every time things move too fast, “put it in ice”, as in stop all progress on its tracks, take a time out and walk away FOR A WHILE. Decide to do NO MORE DAMAGE, simply rather than keep fighting when there is no solution in sight, take a step back and decide to pick up where you left off as soon as you can rationally understand why you got angry again, rather than push on when stress is and pressure is getting to you on top of your personal issues. Work only when it’s exciting and fun to do, and walk away at the first sign of trouble. When you do, remind the others that you are leaving the room because you love them and because they mean more to you than getting things done for other people and that you are not going to risk another long separation for the sake of few weeks on the clock. Never walk away without saying a word unless it’s absolutely the last thing you can do – and always consider when it is appropriate to stay and fight and when it is more productive to walk away. (Slash, encourage yourself to fight a bit, Axl, consider walking away first if you feel your temper is getting the better of you; this, obviously, being the exact opposite what you would  normally do.)

Everything in my cards encourages slowing down, and being patient to the level of it being a risk: In a card displaying a man waiting for his crops to ripen, a river behind him seems to be freezing up, but he is not starting the harvest, he is waiting until the very last minute to save his crop, because he needs it to be fully ripened, even chilled, before taking it down. (I don’t know why, could be some new kind of wine… 😉 ) Be patient to the extent of it being risky! (And the crowds are roaring, let them go wild, let them start a fight, but don’t get out until you’re ready!)

Avoid harboring any ill feelings toward each other out of politeness or “being the better person”, just out with it. Blurt out everything there is for you to say, and don’t try to be all grown up about it. Trust that your friend is enough of a man to take a few jibes and punches, and trust yourself to be man enough to do the same. These issues that you are facing are really not that huge, there is simply so much fear of losing it all involved that you are making a big deal out of relatively small issues on a daily basis. So whenever you feel like you have to accuse the others of some attitude that they are having, accept the fact that you are probably misreading their cues because you would behave that way if you were them, but you are not them, so give them the opportunity to explain their own motivations. Just tell them what you think they are doing and let them blow up at how stupid you are to think that way and you’ll all be happier for it.

I wish you lot a long and happy marriage, call me if you need me. 🙂



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Photo credits: Background photo: Bonnybbx, Tarot Wheel of Fortune created by CottonValent Slash photographed by Alberto Carrasco Casado, Axl photographed by Ed Vill




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