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My respect for Justin Bieber grows with every controversy

Look, I know he could phrase things better, but he is seriously making me tip a hat every time he tries to control the masses of fans that he has to deal with on a daily basis. Being in his shoes is not easy, and having done that his whole adult life has given him no perspective to what it is to be on this side of the fence, just like his fans have no idea what it is like to be in his shoes. If you had the camera following you every minute of your day, how would you fare for grace and maturity as you grow up? I dare to say most of his critics wouldn’t last a day in his world.

Justin has proven, to me, to be a very mature guy for his age, and he’s just… Every time he reveals his tiredness of his fans, I just feel for him so much. This sounds weird, but I feel similar “all eyes on you, you have to be friends with everyone except the people you love, because that is just too easy, you have to learn to accept people you don’t like, and there is no room for error” energy surrounding me at all times – I am not famous in the same sense as Justin – my followers are human spirits – but I know how he feels. The DEMAND they put on you to dish out love for people who inspire you none… It is easy to love people like Justin Bieber for a variety of reasons, not only his personality but also, simply because he is famous – sheeples love popular people – and it is those very sheeples that are driving him insane. They don’t know who he is or why people value him, but they are his fans because everyone else is, too, and to a man like Justin, (a Solid Thinker, that is,) that makes no sense whatsoever, but he deals with it on a daily basis.

On the other hand, I would imagine that people who actually do get him get more and more silent by the day, because it is not cool to be a Justin fan, and only those people who follow the flock will go for him or judge him whichever way the wind happens to blow on any given day.

But it is likely to be the people who truly love him that actually take his point to “keep away” home  – nor needed it in the first place, so all of those messages fall on deaf ears where it needed to land. I’ve learned this the hard way, too, but I’ve got a lot more years on me.

Do you remember the time when he “bragged about having slept with Selena” (I think it was Selena)… So here you’ve got a guy who had his first sexual experience while he had already been famous for years. Hand to heart: How many of you have never told anyone about any of your sexual experiences, let alone the first one? Do you honestly judge him for confiding this to his friend, who, then, obviously leaked to the press. Which one should we be judging, Justin for speaking to ONE friend, or the friend who blabbed it to the whole world for a monetary compensation probably… With headlines calling it “bragging”?

He’s a nice kid, people, he’s genuinely a freaking nice kid, and I swear to God every early hater he’s ever had are probably going to be his biggest fans when he gets to his own, authentic self in a full mode: Every true friend you have always hates you for as long as you do things inauthentically to please someone who they don’t love. (Everyone always winds up pleasing someone, so you better make damned sure the people you please are the people who you want to please, and whose opinion of you matters the most to you. Everyone else can go to fuckery, right?) Once you come out as the person who you TRULY, genuinely, authentically are, the people who TRULY, genuinely, authentically love you will be there to welcome you, because they have always loved the real you and hated everything fake that you put on you to please others… And a young kid as he was when he became famous, there was a lot of stuff decided for him before he even knew what he was doing, and although I know he’s as real as he can be, he is just a human, and it takes time for us all to REALLY allow everything out in the open. And, he is far ahead of other people, both his age and older, in this process.

He’s a highly intuitive guy, too, and “being drained” by social interaction IS GOING TO BE draining to someone like him. He’s not making excuses or “being a princess”, he’s actually doing you all a favor. Putting up with stuff that drains you will eventually make you an addict to something, because you simply can’t find the energy to do what people ask of you, so you take a hit or two just to cope – this is not the way Justin is going to turn up, because he is actually saying no to stuff he can’t do, and feels no guilt doing that, either, and that’s freaking brilliant. He should cancel every 2000 dollar meetup he likes, but better yet… Perhaps not agree to them in the first place or organize a system of his own that he can actually control for himself… Maybe who is willing to pay the most amount of money for the meetups is not the best criteria for a spiritual guy like Justin, but he should think about WHICH FANS he actually wants to meet and come up with a way to find those fans and be energized by the interaction rather than drained. (I’m an introvert, too, so I know what being drained by people means…! And, being an introvert doesn’t mean “anti-social”, simply… that the world works from inside out rather than outside in.)

So, the next controversy he got himself into was that he defended his new girlfriend against his so-called fans… Right? And they call HIM the bad guy here? So there are these young women who think they own Justin because they love him so, and he dares to start dating someone, right? So they lash out at him for having an actual, real life, flesh and blood girlfriend, and because they don’t want to insult him, they start calling her names. He isn’t having it, because he believes he has a right to fall in love and be with someone who he appreciates without having to answer to his fans or run a questionnaire on “who should I date so you wouldn’t be mad at me?” (I’m sure they’d love that, though.) Some decisions are not group decisions, even though some people (Fluid Thinkers) would love to think that way.

There you have it. I am becoming the biggest fan of his personality and how he handles himself in his position, and I just hope he can withstand it all until he can figure out a way to do this without it destroying him in the end.


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