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OMG the selfie-obsession! I know what it is! LOL

Russell Brand was talking about selfies the other day...

I love taking selfies. Or hate it, I’m not sure, but I’m rather obsessed with them, really. So when Russell Brand raised the question about narcissism and how we keep taking tons and tons of selfies… I felt a bit of a sting, really. Now… I like the way I look, but I also feel like it won’t last forever. When I was younger, I took nudes just to document it all – it won’t be there forever. I need to remember what I looked like. It has lasted longer than I anticipated, which I’m grateful for, and I don’t feel much less attractive at 40, if at all, than I did at 20, (although 6 extra kilos does the trick that age will not) but… The selfies.

I started thinking that looking at one’s own photo is non-threatening in every way. It’s like an instant soulmate. You don’t need to look away, you can be perfectly honest about what you think of them, you don’t have to wonder if staring is appropriate or inappropriate, what this says about your sexuality or if their wife or husband would disapprove of your keen interest in that face.

Group selfies give you a sense of connectedness, you belong. And still, your focus is on you in the group… Because… Well, you’ve got a permission to stare, unless you’re openly in love with another member of that same group.

The only people we feel comfortable looking at are people who we love through and through, or who we hate through and through. No conflict of emotion. We are either trying to find the sin they are guilty of or enjoying every delightful part of who they are. Whenever there’s something you don’t like about a person you sort of love, you don’t want to look at them for too long, because you’ll see the thing you don’t like about them – and I am talking about their character, not their looks.

We only stare at those we love or hate… Or love to hate.

And our selfies, because them, we can freely criticise without feeling ashamed of being critical of them.

Very social, that is.

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