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Praising Paul Geary, the silent noise of insane drums

When he was still in the band, nobody noticed him. I didn’t notice him. Some great drummers who understood what drums were about noticed and pointed him out, but as the drummer is the guy who hangs out with musicians, he went virtually unnoticed. He was sitting behind a basic drum kit, wore his hair short, and never, ever made his presence known only to gain attention to himself. He knew his job, and he knew it well: Be the backbone of his band and don’t make a fuss about yourself. His drum solos were virtually non-existent and even the ones he played were short. “Who wants to listen to drum solos anyway?” I remember him remark in some interview.

It becomes obvious that he’s gone when you hear the newest Extreme albums. The way he hit the drums made it sound like he had some special effects and who knows what hidden underneath there, but he had a basic drum kit with nothing flash about it, but he beat the hell out of what he had. He was so precise, that he wound the already tight band into a knot so tight listening to the records would pass for a full-time job. He made Extreme extreme. HE earned the band the name.

There is so little facts about him on the internet that I cannot verify this, but by memory, I believe he was trained at the Berkley School of Music in Boston. His sound certainly didn’t come from a second-grade pimple faced half-wit at his parent’s garage, even if it had to come from a previous life time of vigorous training. The man is a human metronome with such class and humility, that he simply gave the band everything he had (which was a lot) and never ever drowned out the band or made a spectacle out of himself… And, the thing I love the most about him is his moderate use of cymbals that I would gladly rip off the set of most modern drummers because they simply cannot get enough of fucking cymbals… I would not trust cymbals to any other drummer but Paul; they can be poison if misused – and most drummers do that without a second thought…. koshkoshkosh and fucking kosh.

If you would compare Geary’s sound wave at each beat, and compare it to some other, average drummer, you would see it rise fast and higher than the comparison and sink again just as fast. This means that he is precise, confident and loud in comparison to others who give themselves a lot more leeway, and thus give the band more room to sprawl out of control when some of the band play a bit front of the beat and others a bit behind. With Geary on the sticks, there is not much room to go solo inside the band, something that a lot of better-known bands could have certainly used… Such as Gun*cough*rs who you often listen live with your head tilted to one side thinking… Are you guys all playing the same song or do I need some audio equivalent of a pair of 3D goggles to understand you people…? Extreme had to follow Geary when he was ruling the rooster, there was no guitar players running amok playing the role of the backbone back when Mr. Metronome was on duty.

One of these days I’ll see him back on the drums. I have to.

Here’s Geary sticking it out:

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