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Currently, memberships are unavailable until further notice. However, I will be opening the doors once I’m good and ready. I am realigning myself to a new audience, and therefore I need some time to adjust and rebrand.

The future

In the future, memberships will be made available for men only. Some exceptions might be made in very select cases, but a girl cannot and will not be able to buy or bribe her way in. (Some of them are now dying to make that happen, lol.)

Subscription memberships for all men, casual rates will be available for casual private clients, and private exclusive clients will be accepted.

Liberation of male sexuality

My focus will be on sexual liberation of men; supporting male sexuality as a valid form of sexuality. Giving men the permission to speak for themselves in relationships, and the power to reject women based on whatever reason they like – the same right as women have regarding men. I will be coaching men to believe that women DO NOT have the right to coerse, coax, or trap them into relationships any more than men have the right to do the same to women. Blatantly obvious things that have sadly gotten lost in the uprise of the feminist movement.

I will be helping men to identify their own, natural, mouth-watering form of sexuality. Your authentic sexuality starts from what TRULY turns you on rather than what are you told to be turned on by so that some mythical female figure doesn’t get offended. I will be giving you more options than what you’re used to, namely different forms of polyamory combined with different kinks and fetishes and power-play.

All this without TRULY offending women, even though many female egos will be on the firing line.

All of this will lead to true love and authentic career choices

At the end of the day, once we all figure out where we are sexual, it will all tie in to create the perfect love relationships and career choices. Whatever we are, we will thrive to be. We all want to be what we truly are. We feel oppressed and dissatisfied only when we try to be something we are not.

Me personally,

Also, I will not stop myself from dating members. FYI. 😉


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