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Robert Downey Jr. shows this guy how not to do his job

OK, I don’t know if this was heart breaking, embarrassing (for the Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy) angering or simply interesting from the psychological point of view, but this is one interview that must be commented on. Russell Brand already did pretty good job of it, but I too want my spoon into the mix.

Knowing what was to follow (after watching Brand’s commentary first) seeing this felt like such a lead up to a, may I say it out loud? I felt it was a plan to rape someone. I don’t know if I could have sensed it to begin with, without knowing where it was headed, but it might be that Downey Jr. sensed something was off, given a number of times he looked away from the camera and at the people in the room like he was expecting one of them to pull out a gun at any given moment, while Guru-Murthy was sprawling through his nonsensical, half-witted questions about the movie he clearly held no interest towards. “Were you a super-hero fan when you were a boy?” Oh, fuck off. That is what it looks like when a puddle of water pretends to be an ocean if you ever wondered.

Clearly, Robert Downey Jr is one exceptional human being, with such intelligence radiating from him, that you would have to be a moron to not see it – and obviously, if you are a moron, you won’t see intelligence because you don’t know what it looks like, you know? This is a human being, who is simply too smart for his own good, and too glued in to miss a beat – hence his nervousness during the start of the interview, I’d say. It was an ambush, set up with false pretenses to be talking about a movie, but instead, that Gurumynthybloke pulled out a fast one; what about your sordid past

I am certain that should Downey Jr. been asked to talk about his past by someone who actually understood human emotions at the level of a 3th grader or above, he would have quite easily accepted and talked through it without any issues or drama, but this a-hole of a human being pretends to be a serious journalist and personable and “deep”, probably trying to further his own career by doing the most unprofessional stunt imaginable and making himself a laughing stock. (Did they fire him yet? If not, his name has been now crossed off the list of all A-list celebrities from Hollywood to Bollywood and he won’t be seeing another celebrity in a long time, if ever, and if he will, these stars need to fire their PR people if another one has to look that guy in the face again at a close range.)

And no, Downey Jr. is not at complete ease with his past, but who could blame him? People with the biggest hearts and the highest of morals beat themselves up for stuff they should not beat themselves up with, and low-life asswipes such as this Guruwanker whatever his name was, feed on people who hold higher standards for themselves than what they are able to maintain. If Downey Jr. was any less of a man than what he was, he could have probably gotten over his “indiscretions” in a blink of an eye (because he didn’t think much of them, to begin with) but he is not just your average drug addict, but a highly intelligent, highly moral and a highly controlled human being with the biggest of hearts and expectations on himself. And THAT is why he couldn’t face the camera, although, as far as I am concerned, he has nothing to be ashamed of, not the first damned thing.

What is worse, Downey Jr. even felt guilty for avoiding his probing questions, because he wasn’t sure if he was being a wimp or avoiding perfectly appropriate questions, but he had every right to walk out, but what WOULD HAVE BEEN appropriate would have been Downey Jr. to have a good, hearty laugh in Guru-Murthy’s face and tell that asswipe to go back to school to learn what the hell it was that he was paid to do before showing his face in public the next time.

“Oh, I think we still have a couple of minutes…?” 

Yeah. No, no you don’t.

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