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Rock n’ Roll!

As of late, I’ve developed a second teen age crush on Aerosmith, bordering on an obsession. XD I cannot believe what has happened to me. It all started with my husband buying me a Christmas present last year; Aerosmith: The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Boston Bad Boys, which set me right back to the days when I was 17, 18, something like that, when everything Aerosmith was Golden. “They followed me” all through my life, even though I wasn’t a fanatic fan, the band always seemed to pop up somehow, in small little things like my shoe strings! (WHAT?) Remember Nine Lives? (Ah what an album!!) Pink was not my favorite color back in 1997 when the album came out, it was black. Black, a bit more black, and black again, so there we go. One day I was buying new shoe laces for my calf-height army boots – very cool at the time – and they’d completely run out of black shoe laces long enough for my boots… But they had coloured ones… (I cannot tell you how many pairs of shoe laces I wore down with those boots… I even had hemp rope for laces once!) As I was trying to  decide what would be the best of bad options, the song popped into my head: “Pink is my new obsession… Pink is not even a question…” So I said to my friend: “as a homage to Aerosmith” and grabbed them, although you would not have caught me dead in pink otherwise. Now… Thanks to Barbie, it’s black and pink most of the time. :p

Anyway. The bad boys of Boston are back with a new album, did you know? Have a taste!

David, please. It has never been “Arrowsmith”. *roll eyes*

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Do not make friends with jealous people. They will want to see you suffer as much as they can before they allow you to succeed. #LOA


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