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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Adult Baby Mirror Spirit

Subcategory to Mirage Spirit (chasers)

This is a new addition to the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology and describes a type of a Mirage Spirit relationship that is based on the need of parental guidance by a grown up individual who still feels the need to be pampered and taken care of by someone else, not necessarily in the financial sense but to be given emotional security. Their behavior is childish and erratic; they test the desired “parent’s” patience by throwing tantrums at them, all the while wishing for that desired parent to take them under their wing and guide them through life, complete with physical cuddles (or pats in the back) and encouragement of all kinds. Their behavior is bratty and very unprofessional even in professional surroundings, very similarly to that of a child who wishes to test one’s boundaries. It is just as likely that they would attach themselves to someone of their own gender as it would be for them to attach themselves to the opposite gender.

It is more likely that the Adult Baby is a woman, this is due to previous lives and the fact women have been kept in very much sheltered environments compared to men who have been forced to not only grow up fast but to hide their weaknesses from others, and because the society is more approving of close female bonds than close male bonds and therefore, a co-dependent relationship like this is more accepted between females as a true friendship although it isn’t such.

There is a point for the desired parent to consider; these relationships will span across lifetimes. Staying aloof towards an adult baby is necessary unless you want to create a centuries-long relationship with them for a reason or another. The benefit of them is that you do get to raise them the way you feel fit, but a lot of people are “done with children” and do not wish to spend the energy and time required.

This relationship is not likely to turn sexual but may do, and if it does, the “parent” must be responsible for the “child”, in the true sense of the word, rather than treat this as role play, because it isn’t that either.

Although the sexual fetish of “adult babies” has probably everything to do with this, the more common and everyday scenario is a friendship between a strong old soul and a fully grown person who feels the need for guidance like a child. The “parent” is likely to be bewildered by their acquaintance’s, co-worker’s, or casual friend’s childish behavior, and should a friendship be formed, it may quickly turn… Bizarre. The child is seeking the parent’s approval as much as their guidance, and are seeking ways to meet that approval and receive praise, unfortunately, as the “parent” is expecting that person to act their age, gaining approval and praise will be very difficult indeed, and is limited to type of “that is well done, (for someone like you)” -praise, and true approval is hard to get. However, the “baby” is unlikely to notice the fakeness of the approval, due to their naive mind that tends to take people for what they say rather than sense the true meaning behind words. The baby is a sucker for kind words and is very quick to interpret friendliness as an offer of friendship. That is not to say the baby would be completely clueless; like all children, she or he may make incredibly perceptive observations about their “parent”, only they are unlikely to pick up on things you would expect them to pick up on, but rather the opposite; notice stuff you’d never expect anyone to notice; they may be strongly psychic.

The other reason for the adult babies is very likely a bad parent relationship, either loss of one or both parents or a distant relationship to one parent, whose love they are seeking to replace. (Remember to cuddle your kids for as long as it feels good for you both – it is important you don’t stop doing it based on advice by a child psychologist, stop only when it feels right. Important!)


The current idea of “everyone is equal” is throwing this world into a chaos. The Solid Thinker ideal to treat everyone as an equal is creating a lot of insecurity in Fluid Thinkers who are, essentially Adult Babies in many ways. While they are looking for the Solid Thinkers to set boundaries, they are forced to create them themselves as the Solid Thinkers are refusing to become a diciplinarian out of principle. As the Fluid Thinkers are trying to create rules, the Solid Thinkers find these rules counterintuitive and bizarre, and they become insecure about their own instincts and role in the society, creating more insecurity in the Fluid Thinkers: “our elders don’t know what they are doing, we better decide for them” creating further confusion and instability.

Just saying.

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