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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Exciting Partial Personality Mirror

This connection is VERY VERY close to a Messiah Mirror or a True Personality Mirror, but isn’t either. What an Exciting Partial Personality Mirror is, is someone with whom you share a very similar soul with. You are excited about the same things, love the same things and your natural personalities are very closely compatible, but there is that one last push that is lacking and making them fall under the bar by just a hair.

Many of the same signs apply to the Exciting Partial Personality Mirror as applies to True Spirit Mirrors, and the likelihood that you have also spent past lives together are very high. Now. There IS a possibility that a connection like this would evolve in time into a  True Personality Mirror connection, but this requires that one or both of you will change their natural personality traits in a way that you become 100% compatible. I would say that this connection, out of all Partial Personality Mirror connections, is the only one worth sticking with IF you both so choose (and if you want to find passionate love in this life time, of course, not everyone is into it), and IF neither one of you have True Spirit Mirrors in their lives or IF poly-relationships are not out of the question for either one of you. (This is because if there are stronger Personality Mirrors around, people WILL NOT EVER get over their True Spirit Mirrors, so eventually the True Personality Mirror will return to the picture, in this life time or the next, and when that happens it would be good that they’d be free to do so. Monogamous bond to the new True Mirror would cause issues and heart ache for all concerned. Not necessarily a major issue, but a choice would need to be made between monogamy or one of the two True Spirit Mirrors.)

With Exciting Partial Personality Mirrors, there are some personality traits that do not fit well together. It is possible that you would, in time, find a way to adjust to one another, and find another way to live a perfect life together that you previously didn’t think of… For example… You love gardening, your partner loves the city. A somewhat elaborate solution to this problem is a inner city castle with a massive garden in the middle. 😉 So yeah, I live in the head space of multimillionaires, but you get the idea. And, since neither one would  now need to give up anything, you would simply learn to love city life as much as you love the garden, and you’d get best of both worlds – you expand, not extract. And that is the condition, most often: are you able and willing to ADD qualities to yourself in order to grow to the connection, or would you require the other to subtract what he or she is in order to fit into your life? Also, are you asking them to change who they are in order to be lovable to you or are you asking them to become more of what they already are? Example:

My Exciting Partial Personality Mirror is a true lover not a fighter. He loves everyone, he adores everyone, he admires everyone! He is like a dog with a wagging tail, he would hug and kiss anyone he meets with the same love and adoration that a dog feels at the sight of a long lost friend. Now, I am sort of… The opposite. I am more likely to bark and bite the hand that feeds than to be loyal for simply having been given something. I want to keep people at bay and stop them from thinking that were friends – I will let them pat me, but if they bring out the leash, I’ll rather murder them than stay put. For us to be compatible, I should probably learn to love all people, but I am rather proud of my discerning character and I don’t want to change it. I like to give credit where credit is due, and praise those who are absolutely brilliant at what they do or who they are. At the same time, I see why his trait is lovable, and I wouldn’t want to change him only so that we could be a couple… You see, I would HATE those endless soirees with people I can barely stand… And he wouldn’t never understand why.

Another FORMER Exciting Partial Personality Mirror of mine has been developing into that direction for centuries now. In a previous life time, he was a part of a play-company that made fun of the ruling class. These plays were vicious, and the only intent was to ridicule and humiliate the nobility, my class. Then, eventually he grew tired of his role as the envious looking in, and he decided that he would rather be the noble King’s fool than his jealous accuser, and he sought to become the King’s entertainer. He took his wife with him, who is my Antagonist Personality Mirror at the moment, and whilst he has been evolving towards more and more noble character, his then True Personality Mirror has stayed the same – now she is his Exciting Partial Personality Mirror and I am the True one… Because what we want out of life is aligned, what she wants is to drag him down into the pits of jealousy and ridicule, where she can torment us the best. I am willing to do anything to keep him with me, and he wants me to. However, with Exciting Partial Personality Mirrors, that decision to stay together must be mutual, otherwise it will be an act of selfishness to hang on, not true love, and that never wins the prize in this game.


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