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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Mature True Spirit Mirror

How could I possibly do enough justice to this soul connection? Every superlative in my use will fail to describe what this connection is about, and there is not one word that would exaggerate it or over-sell it. Every couple or group that has ever reached the full maturity of a True Spirit Mirror connection will always want to return to that blissful state of complete love as soon as they meet in their new incarnation.

To be near this person, even if you weren’t officially a couple, feels like returning home, is as if they were the nest you needed to return to. They surround you with an aura of love and passion, even when in denial, and there is an unspoken understanding that is detectable even those who do not know you.

When Mature True Spirit Mirrors meet for the first time, they know instantly who the other one is. This knowing is not dependent on their religious views or previous knowledge about reincarnation nor soulmates, they simply know That Is The Person I have been looking for. The emotions upon that meeting can also be multilayered, depending on which instinct or emotion you try to remember or are connecting with, the moment seems a bit different, and often such that sticks to memory permanently (or the shock of it erases it completely in some rare cases). They may give hilarious descriptions of the moment, like “my heart flung out of my chest and slapped him in the face before it returned back into my chest”, or “I completely lost every thought in my head”. They also may have some kind of an out of body experience or something close to it; being aware of their soul parting them while the consciousness stays put. There may be psychic awareness that opens up at that moment, any number of things happens. Time can seem to slow down or speed up, their senses may suddenly stop recording everything else surrounding that person, but in the midst of all of this, there is a knowledge that THIS person, no matter how amazing or unbelievable, is THE person. The knowledge is more peaceful than exciting, but everything else that happens can be anything but peaceful.

There is also a possibility of knowing, from a previous lifetime experience that their love is not welcome, or it is or will be denied (due to another Mature True Mirror connection most likely) which would cause them quite effectively, out of love and respect, to stop the emotions from flowing between each other, making both, or at least the other one, completely unaware of the other one’s emotions. (There is more to this kind of situations and feelings, that I will have to describe later on.)

It is difficult to describe a typical relationship or moment of meeting because everyone is different and every True Spirit Mirror couple or group are completely unique, especially the older their souls are. The older we are, the more complex and defined and also, unusual our chosen lifestyles and challenges are, so the older your soul is, the more difficult it is to give you a description that would resonate with you wholly on all points. However, it is undeniable that this connection is so strong that it will be difficult (yet not impossible) to not notice it from the very first moment.

There are situations when this connection goes unnoticed, and it is absolutely NOT a sign of weaker emotions, but quite the opposite. As I mentioned before, if their love has been denied in previous lifetimes for any reason, or there has been other kind of traumas involved that the person connects with their emotions, they can “short circuit” and not allow any of it into their consciousness. They can also completely block the other one from not knowing their emotions, habitually, even if they, themselves were completely aware of their own emotions. How to get past this phase is individual, and entirely too complex to get into right now, but I will address it later on.

It is, as already mentioned, possible that there are more than one of these connections to one person. This is the greatest tragedy that the monogamous ideals have exposed great lovers to. There is absolutely NO REASON why these connections could not exist simultaneously in several different polyamorous settings, marriage like -situations included, but the ideal of monogamy persists causing soul shocks to those who are pushed aside to make way to another, equally strong soulmate.

Albeit sometimes incredibly difficult and traumatic, the bond between Mature True Spirit Mirrors is nearly unbreakable, if not unbreakable. Even if we consider it breakable, we are talking in countless of incarnations worth of unraveling of the bond, so in the terms of our common understanding, we are talking about an unbreakable bond, once it has reached this level of maturity.

And, if you can intuitively feel what this feels like if you haven’t experienced it yet in this lifetime, it is a strong sign you have lived through this before in a previous lifetime, and your True Spirit Mirror is out there waiting.

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