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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Mentor and Student (even sexual relationships)

Solid Thinker and Fluid Thinker dynamic

The Fluid Thinkers are always looking for a mentor. ALWAYS. The Solid Thinkers are always avoiding becoming a mentor or being tempted to becoming one. The Solid Thinkers have an ideal that they are not supposed to change anyone or to try and put people into a mould, but they should relax about that fear a little bit, and know that they can freely mentor a Fluid Thinker – they do not mind, as they don’t have a clear solid personality yet, so they are not protective of it. Further, as they are in earlier stages of developing a personality than the Solid Thinkers are, they will find many mentors and many teachers, and it is best that their guidance comes from a high-ranking Solid Thinker rather than a Fluid Thinker who teaches them to survive at all cost despite what it does to other people, animals, or the nature around us. The fearful Fluid Thinkers are prone to taking guidance from anyone who gives it, and when another Fluid Thinker is convinced they’ve got the best possible answer, they are more than likely to teach cold values, selfishness, and skills of manipulation and deceit, rather than anything worth while.

Think of the Fluid Thinkers as children in an adult body. They need guidance and rules, and support from their elders. I do not need to tell a Solid Thinker that children need respect too, I say it more to align their thinking into a more gentle and patient groove, as the Fluid Thinkers are sensitive as children and they are also fearful of a heavy hand, yet respectful of it.

The Fluid Thinkers need to be raised onto their own feet, but for that to happen, DO NOT ALLOW THEM to mistake you for a friend, as they will start thinking of themselves as your equal rather than their mentor or teacher. They may be far behind you, but if you treat them like they were a friend, they’ll think they have reached the goal, they’ll develop a warped self-image and become increasingly narcissistic. When you guide a Fluid Thinker, be clear in your communication, do not let them fill in blanks, do not rely on them to understand complex language or complicated social cues, hidden meanings or half-vocalized hints or cues to change their behavior. The younger the person is by their soul development age, the less they understand polite cues, such as “Oh, look at the time, isn’t it late!” the likely response is: “Oh, good lord how the time flies, haven’t we had the best conversation ever!” which, to them means: “Let’s sit another 5 hours just to emphasise how much we love spending time together!” (Where as a Solid Thinker child of 10 would understand it means “time to go home!”)

It is heart breaking sometimes to be around a real young soul, who you need to somewhat constantly correct. They lack manners, they miss social cues, their personal space is all off, their sexual behavior is undeveloped, they misinterpret things, and they may act as though they had developmental issues even though they are completely healthy. They are simply very young souls, infants nearly.

The Fluid Thinker scale goes from Infants, Children, Teens, to Adults. The adults start to be fairly self-confident, but it takes them one more soul age level to become fully mature. (Old to Ancient.) The most common teacher-student relationship exists between a Teen and a Child. The Teen Souls are self-centered, success oriented, shallow, and materialistic. The adults want to very much keep away from all of this, but the Ancients are chased to mentor all ages, however, they have a blind spot with the Infants who they tend to take for Ancients as they have many things in common; quirkiness, the tendency of “acting wrong”, open-mindedness and being non-judgemental of others. The difference being that the Ancients have cognitively gotten to that space, where an Infant is still completely naive about things and acts the way they act because they know no different. It would be ideal though, that the Infants would be guided by Ancients rather than Teens, or Children, but the Ancients can have too much on their plate to care for an Infant, and in the long run, they’ll run out of patience if they don’t know what they are dealing with: “you’re old enough to get this, you SHOULD get this by now!” Because our physical age is what it is, we lose patience with people who are in their 50’s or 60’s but still behave like toddlers.

The Mentor and Student relationships are most likely temporary. Once the student feels she or he has got enough information out of this person, they’ll move on to the next tutor. This relationship should be entered into only willingly by both partners and knowing that it will, most likely, end one day. It should be based on mutual love and appreciation, or a simple arrangement that both partners are aware of.

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