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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Partial Personality Mirrors

Incompatibility of spirits

Only Solid Thinkers are keenly aware of this type of a non-connection to other people. In fact, only Solid Thinkers are aware of the difference between a Partial Spirit Mirror and Exact Spirit Mirrors at all. This is because of the way they are wired; the Fluid Thinkers are wired to adapt to all people around them, while the Solid Thinkers are wired to seek for their soul tribe, their own kind. This difference makes it incredibly difficult for Solid Thinkers to navigate relationships, because to Fluid Thinkers they are “making things up” and “they are being difficult on purpose” and “they are being elitist or superior”, while this is not the case at all, it’s simply as though they would hear this annoying sound that the Fluid Thinkers can’t hear, like dogs, and because the Fluid Thinkers are not aware of it, they treat Solid Thinkers cruelly trying to make them “stop making a fuss about it and just get on with it”. This is not a disability, it is an ability that Fluid Thinkers do not have, and it is a problem only because the Fluid Thinkers refuse to acknowledge it as reality.

As I write this, I feel the Fluid Thinkers insist that the Solid Thinkers should just drop this and give it a rest: “why can’t you just stop being like this and just like people instead of always rejecting them?!” This is like asking why a person wants to insist on breaking free from a box where they cannot stand up straight. Being in the company of the wrong kind of people ALL THE TIME is uncomfortable for a Solid Thinker, it is not painful in small dozes, but the expectation to STAY FOREVER is too much to ask. Solid Thinkers are VERY tolerant to different opinions, attitudes, religions, worldviews, philosophies, they appreciate these things because that makes people interesting, however, they do take this stuff much more seriously thFluid Thinkers, and therefore, they need people who appreciate this stuff the same way as they do, in order to thrive further and further with their pursuit in an area that they feel passionate about. The Solid Thinkers are therefore always looking to find a connection to those who share their interest, while the Fluid Thinkers are always trying to stop them from chasing their dreams and staying home and “just getting on with things”, meaning a very mundane way of existence. A Fluid Thinker has trouble perceiving such things as levels of intelligence or talent, and cannot understand their importance to Solid Thinkers, and feel continually annoyed by the Solid Thinker insistence that the difference is there, while the Solid Thinker finds it annoying the Fluid Thinkers insist it is NOT there.

So. Partial Spirit Mirrors are the people who Solid Thinkers want to cut out of their lives due to incompatibility and Fluid Thinkers want to force them to accept into their lives¬†because they find it insulting that there should be people who do not want to be in the company of other people… Forever.

For Fluid Thinkers

It is important for Fluid Thinkers to understand, that once Solid Thinkers have found their True Spirit Mirrors and are free to form a true relationship with them, after that, they will be A LOT easier to manage, they will be more relaxed, fun to be around, and a lot more sociable, but for as long as you try and prevent their relationships with their True Spirit Mirrors (of their own choosing), they will remain impossible to deal with.

For Solid Thinkers

It is important to understand how and why the Fluid Thinkers think about relationships, and why they cannot understand the need to seek for true love somewhere outside your own town or village (no matter how small as long as the numbers match). It is important for you to understand it, because they will always try to tell you you’re dreaming, that you’re under a spell, that you are somehow misled by romantic comedies and what not, but you are not. You know what you are like and you know what you want and need. This typology, along with the Partial Spirit Mirrors is here to make it clear to you that you CAN find what you are looking for, and that you do not need to compromise and lose hope in true happiness with someone who will make movies pale in comparison.

And no, Fluid Thinkers won’t agree with you (any time soon) so you just hang on in there and grit it through.

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