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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Vaporizing Spirit Mirror

Thirst that needs to be quenched

Very shortly, this soulmate connection is a fleeting one, but can be baffling enough to cause a lot of grief. This is a sexual connection that evaporates like water on hot stones when acted upon. The annoying part about it is that it can persist and linger for years while these two are fighting off the urge to sleep with one another, but this is the kind that “you simply have to get it out of your system”. Luckily, you do sense whether it is that kind or permanent kind, and that is why it can persist for so long because you don’t want to act upon something that won’t last.

A¬†personal example; I had a persistent crush on one of my good friend’s best friend. (Yes, I have a habit. Ironically they also shared the same first name.) Because we didn’t want to hurt his best friend’s feelings, who, in his turn, had a crush on me (my life has been running on rinse and repeat…) we never acted on whatever it was we were feeling. One day however, I found out I had just moved across the street from him, and that I could, from my bedroom window, see right through his, 300 km from where we were both from. (Twin Flame Signs, right?) So, as our mutual friend was nowhere to be seen, I called him up and he invited me over. We had a fantastic week – details of which need not be shared – and neither one of us (I presume) has given each other much of a thought afterward. Over and done with.

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