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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Personality Mirror Soulmate Types

All identified soulmate types so far

What you need to know about the typology

Adjusting Spirit Mirrors; (Absolute commitment based)

“Do not expect me to fall in love before you promise to be there for me until death us part!”

Exact Spirit Mirror (Non-compromising, purifying soulmates)

“I love everything about you, the way you are, but I cannot tolerate any inauthenticity on your part, be real, be you, be fantastic, as you are perfect to me!”

1st Tier Exact Spirit Mirror

True Spirit Mirrors

“I love you with every cell of my being, with every part of my brain, everything about you, I adore you for your flaws that I call lovable quirks, perfect imperfections and want none of your hypocrisy, as I adore your evil streak as much as I adore your kindness.” 

Mature (state) True Spirit Mirror (old, established, fully developed connection)
Interrupted True Spirit Mirror (Insecurities and fears or external force ended the Growing State)
Growing (state) True Spirit Mirror (All good, moving towards completion)
Uncharted (state) True Spirit Mirror (New, completely undeveloped connection between perfectly compatible people)

Hidden True Lover (Spirit Mirror) (A sexual soul connection to someone whom forming a relationship with would be traditionally considered a taboo.)

A Potential True Spirit Mirror (Someone who is POSSIBLY the perfect match, but who still needs to accept the suggestion.)

The Unrejected Potential True Spirit Mirror (A Potential True Spirit Mirror left hanging – unrejected and unaccepted.)

2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors 

“I love you through and through, with every breath of my body, and I am happy when you are happy, I love your successes, I love your love of other people, I want nothing but your best and your happiness, and I release you the moment as you’ll find the one who loves and appreciates you even more than I do.” (The definition of 2nd tiers is that they are not the primary relationship.)

Bosom Spirit Mirror (liberator of your authentic self; best friend, someone to conquer the world with.)

Inflamed Bosom Spirit Mirror (existing connection in severe crisis; Will be any of the above, define if necessary.)

Sexual Bosom Spirit Mirror (liberates your sexuality rather than your personality.)

True Antagonist Mirror Spirit (someone who you purposefully want to annoy and irritate, but NOT in order to get close to them.)

Between the Perfect and the Partial soulmate types:

“Anything is possible. (Time will tell.)”

Undecided Spirit Mirror (incomplete personality traits or unrecognized fetishes, needs. The people involved have not yet decided exactly who they are as a person or who they want to become, what they stand for, what they value and what they want out of life etc. Potentially a perfect lover or friend, but is too early to tell.)

Partial Spirit Mirrors (Compromising Soulmates)

In Twin Flame theories, these would be referred to as “just soulmates”. In addition, practical strangers. Incompatibilities and lack of true love.

Only Solid Thinkers feel Partial Spirit Mirrors exist because Fluid Thinkers are wired differently, and don’t feel this disaccord with people the same way if at all, it’s like color blindness; there are two different colors, but Fluid Thinkers only see one, and this makes life very difficult for Solid Thinkers, not the Fluid.

“I don’t think I should expect for more of a relationship, realistically I think you are as good as I’ll ever find.”

Healing Personality Mirror (”battery recharger”)

Spousal Spirit Mirror (Closely connected in previous lifetimes, through marriage or some intense experience)

Vaporizing Personality Mirror (persistent sexual attraction that is instantly forgotten after acting on it)

Inactive Partial Personality Mirror (Normal, everyday people with no special soul connection to you)

Antagonist Personality Mirrors

Twin Flame theories would call these karmic soulmates.

“I have special feelings of severe dislike toward you!”

Puppet Master and the Puppet – counterparts (A charismatic, compassionate soul, often a MirageSpirit being controlled by envious, self-serving people through guilting and shaming.)

Junk Shop Window Personality (What you see is what you are not and don’t want to be)
Elite Shop Window Personality (What you see is what you are not but wish you were)
Propelling Mirror (respected but infuriating competitor, worthy adversary)
Kryptonite Mirror (What they are nullifiers who you are; Solid/Fluid -thinker imbalance)

Descriptions of individuals often confused for a True or Adjusting Spirit Mirror

Mirage Spirit and the Star Stud Spirit Mirror (A Person with a high IQ and high level of talent and a Person with a massive sexual charisma)

Adult Baby Spirit Mirror (A grown up who seeks a “parent” out of friends and acquaintances.)


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