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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Potential True Spirit Mirror

So close it's dangerous

Potential Spirit Mirrors are the theoretically perfectly compatible people, assuming that you accept or wish to explore or indulge in something you haven’t yet tried, among popular options; Sexual relationships with a type of person you haven’t been with yet; a same-sex partner, perhaps a cross dresser… Or, your own family member. (God REALLY doesn’t judge! Sometimes I think he’s a porn director, dirty ol’… :p )

So the question is, yey or ney? If you’re the one saying ‘ney’, also read this post.

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