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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Spirit Mirror group connections

1st and 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors and beyond

I admit it is VERY difficult to make the differentiation between a 1st and 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors. This post will hopefully help you understand the definitions a little better. Remember that neither the 1st or 2nd Tier is “better” or “worse”, and that the 2nd tier doesn’t mean “disposable soulmates” but it simply means the 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors are not joined by the hip like the 1st Tier Exact Mirrors are.

The 1st Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors ALWAYS share ALL of their True Spirit Mirrors, in other words, they want to be in a fully accepting, completely accepting and loving sexual relationship with all the same people. If you have a True Spirit Mirror, and they have a True Spirit  Mirror you haven’t met yet, you will ALSO fall in love with this same person, whether you are gay or straight, but your love for them maybe slightly different than your True Spirit Mirrors, but it is always sexual in some way, and you ALWAYS share at least one sexual True Spirit Mirror. TRULY Monogamous people can only ever have ONE of these, most likely one of the opposite gender but those people who are some form of poly have whatever number they need for a perfect life. This is as close as we get to the most fullest, perfect Twin Flame relationship, with theoretical differences only (in other words akin to arguing over whether the world is flat or round).

The 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors NEVER SHARE a True Spirit Mirror even though they often “borrow” each other’s True Spirit Mirrors, but only temporarily, and the borrowed are, of course, not True Spirit Mirrors to each other, just that 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors quite often have sexual relationships and even marry each other’s True Spirit Mirrors (NOD-syndrome), because they feel less intimidated by their friend’s True Spirit Mirrors than their own. (So essentially two friends would easily marry each other’s ideal partners, not their own, both thinking they have to compromise…) If you and your Bosom Spirit Mirror have a huge crush on the same person, and neither one of you knows how to let go, the chances are that you are not Bosom Spirit Mirrors but True Spirit Mirrors to each other (polygamous, and in the False Nun/Monk Spirit Mirror state.)

The 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors are also healing connections to each other (or truly nightmarish in the Inflated state, but the same can be said about both Exact Spirit Mirror categories), and they, in the healthy state, fully support each other’s sexuality, instinctively pushing each other to each other’s ideal partners; the True Spirit Mirrors. The beauty of them is that the Exact Spirit Mirrors are never too afraid or intimidated by each other’s True Spirit Mirrors so they will function as a catalyst to their relationships, although in an inflamed state they probably do the opposite.

As far as current social constraints go, the ideal family relationship belongs into the 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirror category, which means that the family is supportive and accepting and healing connection to each other’s sexuality, as well as their personality, but sadly, if one member of the family is sexually traumatised, all of them are. (Sexual trauma is rarely caused by the event itself but the aftermath of it, so don’t try to heal a sexual trauma by dictating to the victim what they SHOULD feel about it. This added to the fact that a lot of traumas come from past lives already, and are thus a lot harder to treat.)

2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors who are non-family members can be very sexual, “sexual healers”, who truly give each other the permission to be what they are, or love them to health, sometimes before returning them to their True Spirit Mirror connections.

Without having met your True Spirit Mirror yet, it may be very difficult to even imagine a higher connection than what you have to your 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors. The common mistake is to think that there is no love higher than between a mother and a child, but there is. On the other hand, a part of the difficulty of being a parent is knowing when to let go, and when a True Spirit Mirror is around, the parents usually panic: The True Spirit Mirror to your child is the one who you know will take your child away from you “forever”, which  means that they are fully joined, and they will no longer be children to you. This feeling of losing your child can feel so scary that you think the True Spirit Mirror is a devil himself or herself, and that your child is being lured into something they don’t know how to handle; but in reality it is often the 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirror parent who doesn’t know how to handle this intense sexual connection between True Spirit Mirrors.

Difficulties arise when one person insists they are a True Spirit Mirror to a Bosom Spirit Mirror

It is not uncommon or difficult to understand that someone who hasn’t met their True Spirit Mirror will insist upon insisting that their Bosom Spirit Mirror is their one and only True Spirit Mirror. Often the lonely 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirror feels entitled to a fraction of their friends’ good fortune, without realizing that they are essentially pushing their way into the marital bed of someone they know insisting they get to have relations with whomever their friend marries, too (True Spirit Mirrors would be OK with this, 2nd Tier Exacts not).

For instance: A naturally Polyandrous woman only ever has 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirror female friends (and lower connections) they NEVER have a True Spirit Mirror female friend. Polyandrous men however only ever have ONE True Spirit Mirror female between them, and several True Spirit Mirror male friends (each other). As a consequence to the expectation of monogamy, these men would quite often marry 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirror females, rather than the True Spirit Mirror that they all share.

A Polyandrous woman would find it more than natural to “share” her 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirror male friends (while waiting to reunite with the 1st Tier), but never the 1st Tier, who wouldn’t even want to be shared among women. We all find it relatively easy to part with our 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors, once we know (even by past life experience alone) what it feels like when  you find the True Spirit Mirrors. Unfortunately, inexperience with a True Spirit Mirror often makes people hang onto their 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors to dear life, whether they like it or not.

We only have the kind of True Spirit Mirrors that match our natural alignment to polygamy or monogamy, and any other trait we have, so that is good news. If someone is trying to coerce you into a sexual relationship type that doesn’t feel like a liberation, a heaven to you (this means both genders!!), it is not going to be a True Spirit Mirror connection, but something entirely different. You can never be coerced into something you don’t want by “True Spirit Mirrors” that are coaxing you into something you’re not happy with, because True Spirit Mirrors will only ever have the same idea of awesome as you do; if you don’t want the same thing, they are not your True Spirit Mirrors, I stress this, because some people decide “this person is my True Spirit Mirror, therefore they want what I want but simply don’t know it, so I’ll just push my will on them until they give in and realize I was right all along.” That is not how it works, True Spirit Mirrors, ALWAYS want the same thing, and if they don’t, they are nothing but Partial Spirit Mirrors. Similarly, if you are a 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirror or lower to someone else, you cannot turn them into a True Spirit Mirror against their own will, and for them to be on board with that, they’d have to change their minds about their sexuality on their own accord, in which case they become compatible with a new set of people and they will leave their former alliance… Or take it with them – depending on the people.



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