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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


Star Stud Spirit Mirror AND the Mirage Spirit (and their Chaser)

A description of a type of an individual, not an actual soulmate bond.

This maybe a little bit confusing, but let me try and make this clearer:

The Star Stud Mirror Spirit is a very sexually attractive person with no sexual hang-ups whatsoever. Enjoys sexual relationships and love, a natural polyamorist, doesn’t hold barriers from others sexually speaking, and allows others really close really fast, making it easy for others to feel loved and accepted near them. The Star Stud, may not be obviously talented or even good looking, they simply possess a MASSIVE sexual charisma that draws their preferred gender in in masses.

The Mirage Spirit is an unusually talented, skilled, attractive person, who is above others by most measures anyone thinks of using. Multitalented, they have a large contact area making it easy for people to feel “just like them” because they possess so many different skills and traits. The Mirage Spirit MAY have sexual hang-ups, however, or be completely asexual or monogamous, whereas the Star Stud Mirror cannot.

One person can be both a Star Stud AND a Mirage Spirit, and a Mirage Spirit can easily become a Star Stud as well, should they work through their sexual hang-ups. Both types may be either male or female.

A LOT OF assumed True Spirit Mirrors (Twin Flames) are actually either a Star Stud or a Mirage Spirit. The Twin Flame theories would probably refer to these types as “the False Twin Flame”, psychology would perhaps refer to them as “the narcissist”, even though that would be the wrong diagnosis, there’s nothing wrong with either, quite the opposite, but they do challenge other people’s ego a lot by simply existing.

The Star Stud Spirit Mirror

Perhaps the most confusing of all personality types in terms of finding true love is the Star Stud Spirit Mirror. They love sex, they love their preferred gender(s) and they make an easy connection to a lot of people due to their charisma and attitude. They can make a normal person feel like million bucks by simply being noticed by them. They make you feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before, and this is simply because of the way they are, rather than the way you are, to be blunt. They are easy to be with, because they don’t have sexual hangups, and they easily release other people into expressing themselves sexually without feeling embarrassed or lacking, they are sexually speaking very non-demanding and simply happy to be with you, or delightfully self-confidently dominant making you feel wanted and appreciated, and also, guided.

It is important to understand that they do not intend to deceive anyone into believing the relationship would have a future, they simply love to love. They also consider true love to be such a rarity, that it makes sense to enjoy one’s ride getting there. They are perfectly capable to feel love, it’s just that they love so many people and so many people love them that they HAVE TO put them in order of preference and not continue their relationship with ALL of them. They also assume that a lot of people enjoy casual sex as much as they do, so they do not feel they are deceiving anyone by making love to someone they’ve never met, only to never meet them again later, either.

The famous rock star studs are what this connection is named after. A night with Mick Jagger would make the most important event in many women’s lives, but a lot of Star Stud Mirror Spirits are not famous at all… At least, not yet.

Mirage Spirits

Remember, a Star Stud can also be a Mirage, although neither is not automatically both.

A Mirage Spirit is an unusually talented, skilled, and good-looking, sexually attractive individual. They are highly intelligent, creative, and unusually multi-talented, making them rank pretty high by any scale a person might want to measure them on. They inspire love in other people, but they are rarely completely impressed by other people because they know what people CAN DO by having done it themselves, so they always feel a little underwhelmed by the lacks in other people, but they hide it well, because otherwise, they’d go around pointing fingers at anyone shouting out: “Oh you’re a loser, you’re a loser, too, hey, LOOOSER!” And mind you, they most often have impeccable manners, too, so that wouldn’t do at all!

The Mirage Spirits maybe artists, philosophers, scientists or whatever career they want to pursue. They are highly intelligent, but not necessarily successful, but usually will turn out to be eventually. It takes a Fluid Thinker or a few to keep them from succeeding, otherwise, they’re relatively certain success story waiting to happen. As their talents are so far and wide, they offer a large “contact space” for a lot of people to feel “just like them” even though, very often the people who think themselves “just like them” are woefully lacking in comparison, and the Mirage Spirits are painfully aware of that difference in levels.

I could make a sweeping statement and say that every celebrity is either a Mirage Spirit or a Star Stud Mirror, but not all Mirage Spirits or Star Studs are celebrities.

Both the Star Stud Mirror Spirit and Mirage Spirit have troubled relationships

It is both their blessing and their curse, that so many people fall helplessly in love with these people. Even at the best of circumstances, they’re spoiled for choice, and when monogamy is an expectation, the obvious result tends to be serial monogamy, although both would probably thrive in some form of polygamy. Even then, their authentic true partners are also one or the other.

What is the curse in being loved by everybody is that no matter how extraordinary a person is, the extent to which a less evolved soul can value a person is always limited to their own level of evolution. This means that they give top marks to, if using the IQ scale, to anyone ranking at 90 points in IQ, regardless if they rank at 200, because they cannot understand, from their own limited perspective, what is the use for the added 110 IQ points, and how does that refer to a relationship if there’s “enough love to go around”. This means that while the Mirage feels that the other person is lacking 110 IQ points, the person with the IQ of 90 thinks this person is quite sufficiently intelligent for them. The same might apply to any other measuring scale you want to use, but the IQ is a pretty good example as it quite covers all areas of life, even if IQ is only measured in one small section of intelligence.

So, as all of these people with the IQ between 90 up to a 190 flock up to the person with an IQ of 200, they tend to block the way from the people who the Mirage would ACTUALLY be able to level with. Because they tend to have to knock back offers from left, right and centre, and because they have observed how CLUELESS other people are about their level of IQ, they are always afraid that they might be blind to their own limitations in comparison to their authentic partner, the True Spirit Mirror, and that makes them cautious to approach or to be too bold approaching, let alone chasing someone. So no other person runs from their True Spirit Mirror as fast as a Mirage or a Star Stud Spirit Mirror!

The Mirage / Star Stud Chaser

The people who set on a long-term chase of these people have probably never rejected anyone’s kind or respectful advances in their entire lives. They may be of a relatively low IQ, nothing much to call a talent, but the reason why they chase someone of such caliber is that they fall in love with their friendliness. Most Mirage Spirits and Star Stud Mirrors are actually pretty nice people, they have no need to do patch up on their ego, so they can treat everyone with a level of friendliness and kindness that is unusual in the people of a lower IQ, used to using elbow-tactics to get ahead, therefore, they get stunned by friendliness and unconditional love, which is typical way to approach others to the Mirage Spirit and the Star Stud Mirror Spirit.

The Chaser often thinks they are rescuing the Mirage Spirit or the Star Stud Mirror Spirit from a meaningless life. To them, all meaning in life is created through friends, family, and a spouse, therefore, as the Mirage Spirit is often married to their work and the Star Stud Mirror is too busy luring people into their beds, the Chaser believes they are simply “filling out an empty life” and needs a rescuer. They also see everyone else who is going for the same the same person as somehow flawed individual, particularly other Mirages and Star Studs, who, to a (Fluid Thinker) feel shallow due to their lack of normal social life… (And by “normal” I mean “boring” as far as either Mirage or Star Stud is concerned).

The most difficult aspect to understand about the Chaser’s way of thinking is that they actually despise and pity this person, but simply feel they’re “worth rescuing” as in “not all is lost about them”… “There’s still goodness in them”, rather than love them for all of the amazing things that they are, the very things that have racked up such a large fan base for these people – a silent or a loud fan base, depends on what they do for a living…


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