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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


The Fluid Bosom Spirit Mirror

"I'll teach you to be awesome"

The Fluid Thinker friendships and all platonic relationships are all about coaching each other to be better people. Make a due note that Solid Thinkers do not feel loved in relationships based on this idea, quite the opposite they feel suffocated and unloved, and their variation of these relationships are the liberator of the authentic self; “I’ll remind you who you really are, and who you love to be. I’ll make you more of what you authentically are.” The Fluid Thinkers are not there yet, they are being molded into something they would love to be, but are not, yet. They are like heat targeted missiles going after who they want to coach them, and they make friends solely on the purpose of “please teach me how to be like you, and I’ll teach you how to be me.” They are eager to learn and eager to teach, and they believe anyone can be taught to be anything in this world, with enough love and patience.  It’s the Fluid Thinker romanticism that is displayed in all movies in which an eager novice pesters a master to teach them something, ending with the student becoming the master – usually beating the master in his own game, making the master respect the student. That is why a master should never accept a student who they don’t love because the student is aiming to replace them in their position… If you love that person, it doesn’t matter, and you’d be more than happy to teach them everything you know and more, but if you don’t…

It is also to be noted that when Solid Thinkers meet their true soulmates, they do start to teach each other like this, too, they are simply less able to find people who they feel an equal amount of respect for or people who they admire enough to wish to be guided by them. They are already at the top of their own game or so close to it, that any guidance from others would be likely taking them backward – not forwards, which is why they keep people at an arm’s length a lot.

To a Fluid Thinker, a friend is someone they rely on in everything (for a Solid Thinker, a friend is a source of fun and inspiration, sometimes a challenge, someone to get into trouble with and someone who doesn’t judge them or try to change them into something they’re not) to a Fluid Thinker, a friend is someone to take on the world with. They are a little afraid of everything, and they cling onto their friend for security and self-confidence. They feel like they are only a half a person without a friend to lean on, and they mutually agree that being together at all times is the best thing possible.

They make important decisions together, to the point where they feel they have to marry at the same time, and if one goes through a divorce, it is likely their friend divorces their partner for no other reason but to join their friend again “on the beat”. The Fluid Thinker Bosom Spirit Mirror maybe a family member or a non-relative, but they are likely to have been friends from an early age.

They take to the word “Mirror” a little differently to the Solid Thinkers, too. They look into their friend and try to “mirror” what they are doing. The Solid Thinkers already feel their perfect counterpart mirrors them automatically, like a mirror image, as in two of a kind. The Fluid Thinkers try to become that mirror image to their friend, but the Solid Thinkers have already been through this process of picking and choosing traits they want for themselves, and are more than reluctant to change the way they are, as they’ve already picked the best traits for themselves. (They also get offended when a Fluid Thinker tries to change them because they are trying to remove something they’ve picked up from someone they’ve adored in their past like it was a bad thing – they insult their heroes as much as they insult themselves by trying to alter their way of being.)

I bring up the Solid Thinkers in this context a lot more than in the Solid Thinker Bosom text because the Fluid Thinkers tend to try and force a Solid Thinker where a Fluid Thinker should be. The Fluid Thinker must realize that the Solid Thinker is not happy to do this with them, but it is more than possible that the Solid Thinker feels obligated to try, and that makes them miserable, and often suicidal to boot. So what makes a Fluid Thinker happy makes a Solid Thinker suicidal, so forcing your will on a Solid Thinker is going to bring bad results if you get your way. The Solid Thinker is also not suicidal because they love their Fluid Thinker so much they cannot bear any more of it, but because they cannot find another way out of the relationship and they feel so suffocated that their instinct of knowing that there’s another life waiting for them takes over and they’ll take the exit to another lifetime where they can choose their friends more wisely… So PLEASE don’t force anyone into this kind of a relationship… And wait for that feeling when someone clings onto you as eagerly as you cling onto them… Wait to find someone who squeals in joy when you call them, who always has time for you, and who you don’t have to beg for attention from.

Friends should always be made between equals, but functional uneven soulmate dynamics also exist. They should not really be called friendships, however, but they can still be perfectly healthy and beneficial for both (all) parties.

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