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Please note that these posts describe a relationship between two or more individuals. This is a soulmate typology, not a personality typology. You always need a MINIMUM of two people to decide which relationship type is in question, but you can read what would be your ideal relationship type based on your thinker type.


What are the chances of making it work with each soulmate type?

Should you keep on trying or quit while you're still young?

Adjusting Spirit Mirrors

Near(?) 100% success rate between 2 fully committed Fluid Thinkers. HOWEVER to qualify for an Adjusting Spirit Mirror couple, you BOTH need to be Fluid Thinkers, and you BOTH need to agree that you BOTH want to make this relationship work and agree that there is NO way either one of you will leave the other; even if the other beat you half to death -kind of deal. This means 100% commitment, STUPID commitment, that is. Lower your level of commitment and that would be the exact chances you give this relationship, but YOU BOTH need to be Fluid Thinkers, I cannot stress that enough, and you BOTH need to be 100% committed, and a little too co-dependent to be healthy, or otherwise just lucky in very compatible thinking. It would be wise for a pair of these to agree on some ground rules, such as “if you ever hit me, that is an instant reason for a breakup”, because often the society will force you to split anyway if one partner turns physically violent so it would be best to simply make it clear violence is not tolerated because it will risk the relationship from the outside, even if you both were OK with it.

You WILL NEVER EVER EVER be able to make a reluctant Solid Thinker (runner) + a Fluid Thinker into Adjusting Spirit  Mirrors, even though there is a slight chance a Fluid Thinker + Solid Thinker maybe True Spirit Mirrors, but that is another thing. You also will waste your time trying to convince a Solid Thinker to make a commitment to form an Adjusting Spirit Mirror type a relationship, but you MAY succeed in forcing a Solid Thinker to appease you for a duration of time before they break up with you or divorce you. Solid + Fluid attempt at this is temporary at best, and a failure rate is 100% given enough time.

Exact Spirit Mirror (Non-compromising, purifying soulmates)

1st Tier Exact Spirit Mirror True Spirit Mirrors; (Solid Thinker ideal)

Mature (state) True Spirit Mirror (old, established, fully developed connection, will always return to each other, unbreakable connection particularly by the attempt of an outsider. Nothing will come in between these two, although they will split up on the physical level as easily as the wind picks up for a duration, even decades, but will ALWAYS find their way back to each other sooner or later, this lifetime or the next. Can be trusted 100% once you’re sure this is what your love is about.)
Interrupted True Spirit Mirror (Insecurities and fears or external force ended the Growing State, or a previous life Mature State connection that is pushed back to an Interrupted state by insecurities, if so, the connection is really Mature, but simply… Having troubles. Also, these two will always return back to it until they either make it or happen to find another non-mature True Spirit Mirror, but for as long as one is still interested, it is UNLIKELY they will fully try out other True Spirit Mirror relationships, although they can mess about with Partials.)
Growing (state) True Spirit Mirror (All good, moving towards completion. The only real threats are another True Spirit Mirror connection, self-sabotage and/or fear kicking in, also in the form of “true love doesn’t exist” -cynism causing insecurities.)
Uncharted (state) True Spirit Mirror (New, a completely undeveloped connection between perfectly compatible people… Odds are very low. Needs undisturbed time to develop, time spent in non-threatening circumstance or something else that is quite out of norm, particularly in the case that other True Spirit Mirrors already exist. Can also be the EASIEST soulmate connection ever made, as there is NO past life package to deal with, but it depends a lot on the circumstances these two meet.)

Hidden True Lover (Spirit Mirror) (A sexual soul connection to someone whom forming a relationship with would be traditionally considered a taboo. Low chances of good things happening without a very sexually open mind or a mutual True Spirit Mirror with a kinky mind fixing things up for them.)

Generally speaking, with True Spirit Mirrors, the long-term success rate is a 100% but this will potentially mean REALLY long time span to spend on this, potentially speaking several incarnations worth of time – but they’re worth it. Poor chances of success in the short term will require time, commitment, true surrender to this connection, and, of course, you must have correctly identified your relationship type, wishful thinking and no amount of childish insistence nor denial here won’t make something that isn’t a True Spirit Mirror relationship into one. Try to ensure you are not trying to make ANY OTHER soulmate type into a True Spirit Mirror by simply wanting it to be that, because it simply won’t help. It is easy to mistake a simple Solid/Fluid Thinker relationship for this, as there’s a very similar runner/chaser setting, but it is not the same thing. A Solid Thinker runner is a permanent runner and won’t come back – at least for good… So ENSURE you are not in a false True Spirit Mirror relationship. (Check this link and scroll down to the “Main Trap” heading.)

To make a True Spirit Mirror relationship work, both partners have to either accept themselves 100% or happen to deny the exact same traits in both themselves and the other True Spirit Mirror partner(s). Not easy, but doable. COMPLETELY doable, but it DOES take a lot of honesty and looking into the traditional mirror, and most people are completely incapable of doing that kind of work. The good news is, it is possible for one partner to significantly improve the odds by doing their own spiritual work properly; which means to completely erase their own false self-image, inauthentic opinions, and facades of all kinds and, in addition, to surrender to this connection fully in their end making it easy for their partner(s) to enter the relationship even if they were not fully ready for it. You can make sure YOU won’t be the one running or backing off, and that’s half the battle won. (You also should understand it doesn’t mean to chase your True Spirit Mirrors with no limits at all because that usually does you no favors, but nor does chickening out.) One must be REALLY emotionally and psychologically balanced for this to work, and that, again, requires courage to potentially go a little crazy for awhile, just to erase all false ego effectively. (Not easy, but worth it!!)

You’ll do most good for this relationship by stopping chasing and working on your own issues every moment you’ve got to spare. (Within reason, of course.) Trying to pressure your True Spirit Mirror to do their work is going to do more damage than good.

A person who has a mature state True Spirit Mirror (has reached this level of connection with someone in some prior lifetime whether they are conscious of it or not) will NEVER EVER be fully available for another relationship UNLESS they are authentically non-monogamous. (Not now, not ever, not in future incarnations, not ever. No matter who is trying to get in between. And this is not a choice they can make, so it’s completely futile to beg them for love, it is not theirs to give.)

Lots of people will find their supposed True Spirit Mirror to be either a 2nd Tier Exact or a highly compatible Active Partial Spirit Mirror. Again, correct identification is the key.

2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors

The 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirror, unless a parent or a child, who most likely are assumed to be a non-primary sexual lover, and therefore given the 2nd Tier Exact label by default, often reveals themselves to be a 2nd Tier only upon one or the other partner finding their actual True Spirit Mirror. A Growing or Interrupted State True Spirit Mirror may also be falsely identified as a 2nd Tier Exact when the couple wishes to live in a monogamous setting. A painless (permanent) separation if the left partner understands their partner will be happier with their True Spirit Mirror.

Messiah Mirror (liberator of your authentic self; best friend, someone to conquer the world with.)

Star Stud Spirit Mirror (Sexual Bosom Mirror, liberates your sexuality rather than your personality.)

Inflamed Spirit Mirror (existing connection in severe crisis; Will be any of the above, define if necessary.)

True Antagonist Mirror Spirit (someone who you purposefully want to annoy and irritate, but NOT in order to get close to them.)

Here, defining success is a little difficult. As the 2nd Tier Exact Spirit Mirrors are not supposed to be romantically involved for the rest of their lives (unless both of them are naturally polygamous but their natural True Spirit Mirror partners are still in the monogamy closet and thus unavailable). Successful healing of this relationship would mean, most likely, that each of you have your True Spirit Mirror relationship in a working order, your love life is blissful, and you both need no consolation from each other anymore. You’ll find this relationship to be supportive of the True Spirit Mirror relationships you both/all have, and that it NEVER competes with it, even if there was some playful poly-thing going on between you all.

Between the Perfect and the Partial soulmate types:

Undecided Spirit Mirror

You’ve got MUCH HIGHER CHANCES of making this work if neither one of you have met your True Spirit Mirrors. If either one of you have the ONLY saving grace here is that you’re both similarly polygamous. No other type of a soulmate connection will EVER replace the top level soulmate connection, which is the Mature State True Spirit Mirror, at best, it can become it’s equal, but only if both or all of you are naturally non-monogamous.

The Undecided Spirit Mirror can go either way, though. This relationship type is worth checking out and seeing it through (provided neither one has their heart claimed by a Mature State True Spirit Mirror and/or you’re polygamous).

Partial Spirit Mirrors (Compromising Soulmates)

Partial Spirit Mirror pairs often make relatively durable partnerships, but they are rarely very happy unions. They are based on compromises, which means one or both partners is always unsatisfied and quite unhappy. I do not recommend any true romantic to settle for these relationships because they are profoundly lack lustre, boring, ordinary, and common. Solid Thinkers should avoid them at all cost, but Fluid Thinkers may find them reassuring and safe… But should NOT trust a Solid Thinker to stick around. Most common pairing: Solid Thinker and a Fluid Thinker – unlikely long term success, and always unsatisfying for both of them. (They feel the Solid Thinker is always  on the run, while the Fluid Thinker is always chasing, even inside the relationship.)

Healing Personality Mirror (”battery recharger”)

Intended temporary, so if that happens, the relationship is successful. However, may turn toxic if one or both partners fail to end this relationship in time when their truthful heart tells them to.

Spousal Spirit Mirror (Closely connected in previous lifetimes, through marriage or some intense experience)

HIGH CHANCE of a long-term relationship with little or no effort. Falls in place very easily – often the soulmate that is sent to you when you feel you are ready to get married – after you get tired of chasing your True Spirit Mirror, but as with all Partial Spirit Mirrors, this pairing will never reach a blissful state. If you are happy with being contented, this is the ideal relationship, if your partner feels the same way. (Again, Solid Thinkers might want to avoid, PARTICULARLY during the times when they feel desperate to marry and to get out of the playfield.)

Mirage Spirit (active and inactive modalities – an idol, sage or guru mistaken for a plausible love interest)

A TERRIBLE match to begin with, a MASSIVE difference in attitudes, a fan-idol setting that is terrible for a real grown up relationship. Should be avoided at all cost, this works for nobody and easily turns abusive one way or the other. (Either partner can be either abusive or the abuser depends on personalities in question.) The Mirage themselves will be coaxed into this relationship at the bottom of their own wave, but once they come up, they’ll want to get out of this relationship, and if the Mirage Chaser won’t let that happen, abusive situation follows.

Can also be a friendship, business partnership, or a some kind of a connection between relatives, but as a close friendship or partnership will turn toxic in time. Again, avoid.

Adult Baby Spirit Mirror (A grown up who seeks a “parent” out of friends and acquaintances.)

Will work ONLY if the ‘parent’ in this relationship is a willing participant and takes responsibility for the baby, and can also handle the situation in a mature and helpful way. VERY difficult, potentially unhealthy, and turns easily abusive – again, either partner or even both can turn abusive towards each other.

Vaporizing Personality Mirror (persistent sexual attraction that is instantly forgotten after acting on it)

Rarely if ever is a harmful connection, FUN, exciting, short lived, one of those things that should only ever put a smile on someone’s face and a spring in their step – never to be taken too seriously, to be enjoyed only, and after that, both partners should move on – and usually do, because this is one of those things that you simply “have to get out of your system.”

Inactive Partial Personality Mirror (Normal, everyday people with no special soul connection to you)

Usually, a non-problematic connection that also leads nowhere. It’s possible to make it work, but unlikely either potential partner wishes to. Online dating will make more of these matches than anything else, no fireworks to be expected, but OK if you’re not looking for any.

Antagonist Personality Mirrors

“I have special feelings of severe dislike toward you!”

Puppet Master and the Puppet – counterparts

BAD karma. A toxic relationship by definition. Too late to avoid by the time you’ve got someone to identify as such, but you might have one without realizing it – worth checking out. Can be a cause for a True Spirit Mirror separation, break or heal the relationship (through spirit) if you can, and trust that you can. (There is a lot of posts about these types of relationships on my blog, unfortunately.)

Junk Shop Window Personality and Elite Shop Window Personality pairing

Works only when the Elite Shop Window personality is fully willing to guide the Junk Shop Window personality into a closer image of themselves. (The names are VERY descriptive, although sound hilarious – read the description and you’ll understand why I haven’t renamed them. The working title stuck because it was so descriptive.)

Propelling Mirror (respected but infuriating competitor, worthy adversary)

No work needs to be done. The purpose of this pairing is to fuel each partner into higher achievements and to out-do themselves while trying to out-do the other. Brilliant for ANYONE who needs to learn new things and excel in their career or other goals. MAY later turn into True Spirit Mirrors to the same partner of the opposite gender. Positive, yet infuriating connection.

Kryptonite Mirror (What they are nullifiers who you are; Solid/Fluid -thinker imbalance)

This connection is probably in place for a good reason. Someone to keep your lid on while you are working on whatever you are supposed to excel at. It may feel unsurpassable, but the spiritual purpose of a Kryptonite Mirror is to make sure you won’t release unfinished work and wind up under-performing. Quite often the same sex parent.



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