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Tarot: Axl Rose and Slash are far from being done yet

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I am a rock fan, as my readers would know. I am also a Tarot reader, a soulmate expert, an empath and a channel. And as such, I’ve watched some videos where Axl Rose (@axlrose) and Slash (@Slash) both account their thoughts about each other years after their band, Guns n’ Roses broke up, and I noticed something niiice. Neither one of them is truly done. I can’t help the feeling but notice that both of them are only waiting for the other to come to the other with a peace offering.

Now, let me give you some spiritual background to these two. They are, like so many other singer-guitarist combinations, a pair of highly intense soulmates, that often get into what previous generations would have called lover’s quarrels, without actually being lovers, it is the same thing; an attempt to sand down edges that keep them from a complete union. Before Axl and Slash could really understand the depth of the bond they shared, they too, like so many other soulmates before them, non-rock stars included, erupted due to a comparably small dispute – after years of arguing. With Joe Perry and Steven Tyler it was about Steven’s jealousy of Joe; Steven didn’t want to share his best friend (who is like God to him) with Joe’s girlfriends, and it was their girlfriends and a glass of spilled milk that sent Joe on a run for a couple of years, with Axl and Slash, it was about who is going to lead the band, or more to the point, should there be such a thing as “a leader” in a band of equals.

With all the trouble the Gunners were facing in the 90’s, they were all getting a bit tired of it, and I’d be willing to bet that Axl simply wanted to put that bullshit behind them and focus on the music when he offered that contract to Slash that would have put Axl in the position of the band leader and everyone else a member of “his band”. I believe he simply wanted to make it clear who runs the show, and although it would have been wise of him to nominate Slash for the job as he’s got a far less of an ego, in fact almost none at all, it would have been near super human of Axl to do so, so he attempted to put himself in charge. Absolutely understandable. But what he didn’t see coming (and if he had had a smaller ego, he would have seen it coming) was the emotional reaction that Slash would get off an offer like that. Axl wiped out their entire personal history, their mutual rapport,  the trust, the appreciation, the friendship they shared, away with one sweep movement of offering Slash a job in a band that he built along with the other guys.

Intellectually Slash probably understood where Axl was coming from, as he, according to himself, spent 24 hours thinking about the offer, which means it wasn’t in fact unreasonable rationally thinking, but emotionally it was unacceptable. To offer a contract that puts Axl above the others read between the lines: “I don’t trust you, I don’t want you, (I hate you), but since you are a member of Guns n’ Roses and I understand people expect you to be in the band, I will kindly offer you a spot in my band but only if you submit and agree to my terms, and you’ll agree to be my hired hand.” In the end, it was never about the terms to Slash, I haven’t got a clue what was in that contract (and I’m not going to ask), but whatever it was it said one thing: I don’t love you anymore, and to an intense soulmate like that, that statement cuts to the core, but a professional has to fight the urge to mix such feelings into it, so Slash went into his shell and quit the band hoping never to have to deal with those feelings of betrayal and disvalidation at all. To Axl, it was simply an attempt to get the band back to work, back to the studio and back onto the road. When Axl was asked about Slash, his tone of voice regarding Slash hinted nothing but nostalgia and longing, and a disappointment he was no longer there, no animosity, simple sadness Slash is not there. To him, Slash’ quitting was incomprehensible, because Axl attempted to give him a fair deal, but simply didn’t understand or predict what Slash would read into his gesture. Where did the most real band in all of America suddenly get boggled down to contracts between band members? Where was the loyalty? How did this happen? Who spoiled it?

When Axl was asked about Slash, his tone of voice regarding Slash hinted nothing but nostalgia and longing, and a disappointment he was no longer there, no animosity, simple sadness Slash is not there. To him, Slash’ quitting was incomprehensible, because Axl attempted to give him a fair deal, but simply didn’t understand or predict what Slash would read into his gesture. Where did the most real band in all of America suddenly get boggled down to contracts between band members? Where was the loyalty? How did this happen? Who spoiled it?

But, then, why all the bravado about not getting back together? When people have a deep connection like this, and logically they know they can’t work together, it’s like fighting a drug addiction. You have to go against your own nature to keep away from that person. To make that happen, especially as everyone else is pushing you to be together, you have to resort to anger (he’s a narcissistic asshole) or bravery (it’s not really a big deal, don’t care, I’m not offended, it’s just business) to do it. To his misfortune, Slash is a nice, modest guy; a more self-centred guy would have called Axl out on his bullshit, but not Slash, who is unassuming that accepts that not everyone loves him, not even his best friends, as it seems. This is something that he knows all too well about himself, he is a nice guy with a tender heart and he has even softer spot in it for Axl. This soft spot that he has is too vulnerable, too easily manipulated, too easy to abuse, and it is that core that Slash needs to protect with animosity that isn’t even remotely like him otherwise. He knows Axl could turn things around with just a simple apology. He knows Axl wouldn’t need to even apologize, but to just call him and ask him to join his band again, do a few shows, something, “for old time’s sake”… At least he could if Slash hadn’t made up his mind that that sort of nostalgia is exactly what gets him into trouble with people like Axl. And he cannot afford Axl to get under his skin anymore, because Axl is going to cut him again if he allows the same behaviour to continue. Dust hasn’t settled, words haven’t been said, there has been no apology.

So what’s Axl’s deal then? Why is he all bravado and me-me-me inside a band that he loves? Why does it all have to be about his ass then? Care to guess? A kid from Lafayette has a lot to prove.  He is in a band with men that he considers superstars and he is having hard time measuring up. Intellectually he knows he’s as much or more a star as they ever are, but what if they find out what a loser he really is in the end? (He isn’t, but that’s the stuff we keep telling ourselves.) It’s the true Lead Singer Disease, the knowledge, the fear that you are not really a musician, after all, you can’t play an instrument, or you don’t usually play an instrument like a real muso. The lead singer has a lot of topping up to do, they get all the glory but they put in the least amount of effort. The talent for singing comes automatically, you didn’t have to spend years learning an instrument, and that is what bugs the hell out of singers in every freaking band there is. (I would love to see a statistic in band break-ups comparing bands who’s lead singer also plays a guitar to bands who’s lead singer only sings.)

To combat that distance between the expected grandiosity of a lead singer and the real perceived value of oneself in the band as a musician, the lead singer tends to get a bit crazy. They have to fill up their ego with external bullshit only to deal with the fact that they haven’t really earned the screaming fans and girls that line up at their dressing room door as much as the other band members have, the members that usually go with a fraction of the love and appreciation than the lead singer does. “They are jealous,” they tell themselves, when in fact they feel that they should be jealous because this attention and focus on them isn’t deserved or in the correct proportion. They should be marveling the band, not the singer, who, again, in jazz circles tends to go a bit unappreciated, like an accessory that barely needs a mention… But that’s another matter entirely. So, to assert his role in the band, perhaps even to get himself a vote and make himself heard because when instrument-playing musicians get together at a band rehearsal, the singer could just as well bail and just show up when the song is finalized or so they feel. Yet, it’s the singer that is going to bust his vocal chords (put his body on the line) to get the song out there; like one of my music teachers pointed out: “You tell them lazy ass players to transpose those songs for your key, because if they break a string, they can go to the shop and buy another one, but you can’t buy new vocal chords.” (Clearly, you can’t expect a singer to transpose, can you…? I personally wouldn’t have had a clue, I think that’s what ended my dreams of rock stardom to be honest.) So it’s the real inequality between the singer and the rest of the band that turns the singer from the least important member of the band to the most appreciated one in the public eye that gets most singers every time.

So, what’s in the cards for Axl and Slash? They both want to find peace together. They want the rhythm of the band back, the relaxed mood that will breed creativity and awesome music. They want to feel the joy of working together as a band and being able to have fun again like in the old days. It seems, right now, that they’d even like to have a band rehearsal without any intent of going on the stage, no recording, no mention in the media, just get together with the guys and play a few songs. Slash wants the original members, Axl hesitates but agrees that if nobody would find out about it, it would be awesome to play for a bit… But is afraid that would then send the message that he’d want the rest of the band together, too, not just Slash and Duff (@DuffMcKagan) that he is now quietly hoping to build bridges to. Axl fears getting back together with Izzy and Steven because of their “speed”, he fears, but also secretly loves, their absolute disregard of everything that is reasonable in terms of partying and he is afraid that getting together with them again would tempt him to join the party and pull them all back to square one. Izzy and Steven though feel that they understand that point of view all too well, and would turn away from drink and drugs for the band, but would also feel that it would ruin the entire rock n’ roll thing that they had going for them, and it would sort of defeat the purpose of being in a rock band to begin with… But as they are getting older, anything is better than disappearing without a trace but it would be a disappointment. When I asked the cards what would replace the partying for them, the cards suggested nostalgia, simply reminiscing the good old days would be balm to the wounds, the permission to laugh at their own antics and trouble they got into and be quite… Proud of the ROCK they got up to instead of apologizing for it the whole time, that would be amazing. “To just go Steven Tyler and ask: If you had a button on your arm that will give you an orgasm every time you push it, wouldn’t you be pushing it all day long?” They simply want to feel appreciated for the accolade of giving the band a bad-ass reputation, even if it did drive them off the cliff. The craziest men in rock n’ roll. 😀 (I say, if that’s what it takes I think that’s a fair ask. :p) “We don’t need to be in the band anymore”, I hear them say, “but we need to be loved.”

I asked: “What are the chances of Axl and Slash of reuniting?” and I got an answer that is simply a matter of time when the old wounds heal and the anger dissolves. I also got a distinct feeling of number 2, meaning approximately 2 years from now we might see Axl and Slash together again… Maybe even the whole lot of them for some fun and games – a show or two. (Wouldn’t that be grand?) The thing that would stop this from happening is too much expectation, too much pressure, too many people demanding it, and too many outsiders trying to control it and push it into existence. The reunion has to come from them, as old friends who love one another, and the best thing would be if nobody would even hear about it… Like ever. 😀 (Defeats the point of a public Tarot reading doesn’t it? :D) Sadly, I suggested they’d record whatever they’re playing to be published years from now, but that immediately inflamed the situation making it a business venture because they are not yet at the point where they’d trust none of the other members releasing the recording online, or later on it would result into a legal mayhem so best not to expect a recording at this stage. But… perhaps a group selfie at least? “We can do that much” they agreed, and I think I speak for all fans when I say it would totally warm our hearts. 🙂 (Fuc… Those guys pulling off a secret rehearsal… 😀 That would be a freaking military operation. XD Anyway, here’s to hoping, we all love you guys. You too, Steven and Izzy. ;))


Update: Exactly one year after this post, THIS happens! Their reunion tour “Not In This Lifetime” started on April 1st 2016, which puts it in the time frame I saw. Creepy! 😀

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