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A rock fan. A thinker. A psychic empath and a channel, a Tarot reader. A single polyandrist looking; The lover of men, kings, and gods. An eternal romance analyzer.  A romantic pervert. Generation X Rebel. A psycho-spiritual life coach.

Terms of Service

Please run your eye over, this is not your usual legal mambo jambo

Terms of the use of the social functions on

While you can share anything about yourself and your life here (within legal limits) there are limits to what you may do in regards to other members on this site

You are permitted to, as a user of this site, to share any type of material, nude or otherwise, as you wish, as long as it is legal. This means, this material must be your own copyright or you must have the permission from the copyright holder to share that material. (To say that you do not intend to claim copyrights does not give you the right to share that material, despite the statements popularity on YouTube.) Remember that the copyright law is an actual law, not a code of practice or a recommended guideline.

Also, note that you are not permitted to share photographs taken of you by your friends unless you are certain they do not oppose. Those pictures are automatically copyrighted to your friend according to the copyright laws. You also do not automatically own the copyright to pictures taken with your camera by someone else, even though it is generally speaking assumed in that situation the person who took the photo gives the camera owner the copyright automatically. (It’s silly, but it’s the law.) You also do not own the copyright to photos of yourself, although most people are more than fine with you sharing those photos without a separate permission.

In other words: If anyone else had anything to do with the photos you shared, they may contest your right of sharing them.

Notice that sharing links to already published content, photos, texts etc. is not only legal but welcomed by most owners of copyrights. (Whenever you have downloaded and uploaded something, you are in hot water, but sharing links and using “share” buttons is always OK. This is because the original uploader is responsible for the copyright, not the sharer.)

Sharing potentially hurtful material of someone other than yourself is not permitted without the person’s approval

Even if you took photos of someone else in a situation that would cause them harm if published, such as nude photos, or sex photos with your partner, you, despite owning the copyright to those pictures, are not in the liberty of sharing them without the subject’s consent, whether or not they originally agreed to the photos being taken. There may be penalties for this depending on your country or state, but this is not permitted on this site regardless of the legislation of your area.

Accounts created for someone else’s name other than your own:

A person whose legal name, a legal entity, birth name, registered, known pen name, stage name, alias, or a moniker, always has the first claim to the user name formed from their name even in the case that the registered account holder has a different or misleading spelling on it. Simply put, any celebrity can claim their name on this site even if the account was registered by a fan. The only case that a person is allowed to keep their account of a famous user name, is if their own legal name is the same as that of the person who wishes to claim that account.

Name claims

The known person whose name is being used by a fan can contact the administrator (Sebastyne) and ask for their chosen username to be freed for their own use, even all forms of a username that clearly refers to them if they so choose. (I will decide when that applies. For instance. We all know the Twitter account of Russell Brand is RustyRockets. Therefore, Russell Brand can claim both RustyRockets and RussellBrand, Russell_Brand and other variants if he so wishes, whether he intends to use them or simply control the use of them himself.)

The original registrant of the username cannot charge money for it, or raise a dispute over it. People’s names belong to them.

The original holder of that account can ask their username be changed rather than their account deleted, (assuming that the material shared is appropriate and they have respected the copyright laws only sharing content they have a legal right to share).

Using your own name is not necessary but…

You should make it clear that you are using either a nickname or a pen name or some kind of an alias. Those are fine, as long as you are not impersonating as someone you’re not.

No fan accounts, thanks.

Even though this site is probably not even tempting for such accounts, please note that fan accounts are not permitted. The focus must be on who YOU are, and then you simply talk about your idol or your favorite products or whatever, that’s your thing, but your profile should be ABOUT YOU, we are not interested in anyone else here but YOU! You’re the cool dude, and if a part of who you are happens to be your love of someone or something, that’s cool.

Please note that making new friends and lovers is the purpose of the social functions

Although I will refrain from giving you a code of conduct here, please bear in mind that the social functions of this site are designed to interact with strangers. The website is specifically NOT designed for communication with your already close-knit circles, so please refrain from making nasty comments to people you don’t know and who wish to make new friends. They are using the site as intended, and if you have a problem with it, you are not.

You don’t need to respond to all messages, but you do need to respect the fact the website exists for making NEW contacts.

If someone is being nasty on this website, I will reserve the right to be nasty to them

Treat others nice or I’ll treat you badly. I practice the shaming punishment against those who mistreat others. You ought to know what is OK and what is not, and I am much more lenient than what you fear I’ll be, but there are certain things I will not tolerate, such as needlessly attacking another person, INCLUDING in case you wish to make friends with them and you think attacking them to show them “you take no shit from them” is the way to do it. Go do that elsewhere, I have no patience for it, especially if you allow it to affect the mood of the site. Please report any such incidences against you, you need not to be tolerant of it.

The terms of service may be altered, added to, clarified, and edited at any time, and the new rules come to effect from the new publication time. Essentially, the rules will only say “play legal, nice, and fair”. That’s all. The rules are here only to make sure everyone is going to have a good time.

Content Locker Terms

This Terms of Service explains the operation principle of the social content lockers placed on this website.

On this website, you can encounter the Content Lockers which may ask
you to sign in, subscribe, enter your name or perform other actions to get access to the locked content.

Using your email address

When you enter your email or sign in through social networks, you agree to that your email address will be added to the subscription list for sending target news and special offers.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the end of any of emails received from us.

Social Apps & Permissions

When you sign in through social networks, the Content Locker may ask you to grant permissions to read or perform some social actions.

The Content Locker retrieves only the following information (according the Privacy Policy of this website):

  • Person name
  • Email address

Content Locker never collects other data and never publish anything in social networks from your behalf without your permissions.

After unlocking the content the Content Locker removes all the access tokens received from you and never uses them again.

If there are any questions regarding this Terms of Use you may contact us.


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