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The Johnny and Amber saga

I must admit, I have gotten so deep into this, that every night before bedtime, I check the latest gossip on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. I find their story fascinating… So I am just going to say as I see it, and, as most of you, my real life information is limited to the gossip, and the rest comes from my intuition.

OK. I always thought of them as an odd couple, although I could see why Johnny was attracted to her. She is a sweet girl, with a sweet smile, but, compared to Johnny, I thought… Quite profoundly shallow. The fact that Johnny married her surprised me at first, but then, Vanessa was different. They were two of a kind; a pair that wouldn’t need marriage to stroke their ego, or to have their relationship glorified by external and public hoopla -using Johnny’s recent expression- but they could stick together for as long as it made sense, and part ways as it became natural.

Amber is not that kind of a girl. I feel she likes the attention and the reputation of the girl who snatched the sexiest man in the world all to herself, and the fact he didn’t marry Vanessa was just a cherry on top of her claim to glory. I also think she knew, deep down, that this marriage was not going to last for long, so she needed to get everything she could possibly get out of it in as short amount of time as possible… Because… As her name suggests… Amber had never been Heard of before Johnny.

She had never had a decent movie role, a slasher film star is her pride and joy, but instead of the gossip mags mentioning role that she actually could brag to be a lead (the slasher) to make her sound like Johnny Depp equal, they dub her as the “Danish Girl star” and “Rum Diary star” or “Magic Mike XXL star”, whereas the villain, Johnny, gets dubbed “the actor” of Alice Through the Looking Glass or Pirates of the Caribbean. Mind you… Did anyone notice Heard was in any of these movies? I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t, because, all of the quality films put together, she can’t rake together the 15 minutes of fame everyone was promised. And no… She was not the lead in the Danish Girl, despite the confusing resemblance to the leading lady Alicia Vikander. 

So… Once the dust settles, I doubt Amber will be Heard of again.

But what happened? What actually happened in there?

I mean, I know even a calm man like Johnny can be pushed to the edge if someone wants to do it, and I bet Amber wanted to. If it is true that she threatened to lie in public about him to destroy his career, as I am inclined to believe, considering the show she has put on and the timing of it. Three days after the passing of her mother-in-law… Brutal, because she wasn’t in immediate danger for what I could imagine. She could have easily checked into a hotel somewhere and made sure Johnny didn’t know where for a few days if she was truly afraid for her safety, letting his children, at least, mourn in peace.

I used to run a support group for the victims of narcissistic abuse, too, aka. victims of wife beaters, and, nothing that she says about the violence rings familiar to my ear. I haven’t got personal experience of being beaten, so I wouldn’t know, but… Her descriptions come from a movie I saw… Damned if I could remember its name… But besides that… Johnny is a musician and an actor. Not an athlete. Yet, she has us believe that in the fit of anger, instead of just throwing punches like a normal guy, he will “yield a wine bottle over his head like a baseball player”, “throw an iPhone at me like a baseball pitcher” and “headbutt her like a rugby player” (or American football player, I can’t recall which discipline he was supposedly following, but, the sports theme even spans to her friend’s description of the events.) Can anyone of you imagine Johnny Depp headbutting anyone? He’s far too classy for a move like that, even in a fit of rage. He might push and shove (in a gentlemanly way) even ram someone against the wall, punch a woman… But he would not headbutt anyone in a fit, I don’t think.

What I also wonder, given that Johnny is not known to be a great baseball pitcher (who, by the way, take a long time to aim, well long enough to run for cover or bend out of the way), it is amazing he hit her right in the eye with such force that gave her a bruise. I believe he might have thrown a phone in her general direction, but to hit her… Well, maybe he’s a natural.

I also wonder if she has used these expressions to make it sound more believable? Like it wasn’t real violence, but playful violence?

So what about the photos? The bruises? Now… She is an actress and a model. The amount of makeup artists she has on her speed dial must be quite large. Making a fake bruise is super easy, you might even learn how to do that for yourself of a YouTube video. Here’s one, created with photoshop, apparently. With makeup, it should be easier still to make it realistic.

Kim Kardashian’s fake bruises

And then… What about her friend’s testimony?

Can you imagine this scenario? A wife of a famous bad boy calls you in tears and tells you she has to get a divorce and that the reason is that he is physically violent. She says she hasn’t got a lot of evidence, but she swears it happened. How inclined would you be to agree to testify on her behalf, trusting that she wouldn’t lie, and that, all things considered, it is the right thing that he gets what is coming to him rather than worry about little details like that there is no evidence. Time the alleged attack to the last phone call you made to this friend according to your phone log file and you’re set.

And what were the text messages to this manager, agent fellow about? Did he know she had been hit or was he simply TOLD she had been hit? And he, guys love a damsel in distress.

Now… Let’s get back to what MIGHT HAVE happened.

She likes girls. He doesn’t like her liking girls. She knows this. She’s also, I feel, the kind of a girl who likes to make a guy squirm and sweat under his collar a bit. Plus, there’s the thing that the marriage isn’t likely to last very long and she needs to make sure she gets something out of it. So she irritates him on purpose. She gets in his face and WANTS to get punched. When he finally cracks, she snaps a photo as an insurance that IF he intends to leave her, she will use that photo to make him pay. (Was there a date in that photo, if it was real?) Maybe she irritates him in front of people, so that even though he doesn’t hit her in public, there’d be enough people to say that they seemed to be fighting before they went home.

But no. In public, she is Little Miss Sunshine.

There is not a woman happier in this world than Amber Heard as she poses in front of the cameras with her trophy husband. The look on Johnny’s face, though… Not quite as happy. She seems to have him right where she wants him.

What is also remarkably hilarious about all of this is to see how Heard plays the media. She has lost 20 pounds “due to stress”. How about fasting to make it look like stress? She’s, again, a model, used to dropping weight on command as required. She appears in front of cameras in the  most slimming outfit she could possibly find, in the company of the BIGGEST and baddest guy she can find only to emphasise her small helpless figure… But get this… Did anyone notice her shoes in these photos? They’re 2 sizes too big!! Does she want us to think she is just an innocent little girl in huge shoes and a huge hat?

Next thing she does is to appear going to the church like a good girl with a significantly larger woman in her arm… Just to emphasise her small figure? How this massive guy would attack something so frail? I haven’t seen her being interested in plus sized girls before…

In the meanwhile on Planet Johnny, seems like he’s playing right into her goal; he couldn’t look more like a stereotypical wife beater in some photos, complete with the knuckle tattoo that now, apparently, says “Scum” instead of the original Slim, her nickname… Her rapper nickname, it sounds like. Clearly, he’s pissed off and feels to me – and I am speaking intuitively feeling his emotional state – is that he wants to play up his role as the villain, to give Amber something to talk about, as if to say he doesn’t give a damn what she says about him, or what people think he did.

What is also curious, is that people are pouring in to defend Johnny, but I haven’t heard anyone say that “it is out of character to assume that Amber would lie or manipulate people.” Wonder why. Her fiercest defendants are women who already hate men… and who do not know her.

Now… Here is another curious detail none of you have heard, nor should you have… And, of course, it is just me saying so and I don’t blame you for not believing it, but here it goes… I was writing an email (Gmail) to a friend about 10 days before this whole thing blew up. As I am an automatic writer, sometimes people connect to me as I am writing something, and they take over. In my head – I am also clairaudient – I hear Johnny’s voice, clear as day say: “I am DONE. The marriage is over, I am getting a divorce.” I wrote this down to the person I was emailing with because she knows about my psychic stuff and wasn’t surprised about it at all. Some days later, I return home from a hospital after having cancer surgery, the first thing I hear opening up my laptop is that Johnny Depp is getting divorced – my friend emailed me.

JOHNNY was getting a divorce, I heard. Not her, but she certainly beat him to the punch.

Now imagine what a girl who had her sights set on inheriting 400 000 000 dollars (or 550 000 000 according to some sources) from her significantly older spouse would do when her cash cow is about to take a hike…?

Johnny’s friends called her manipulative.

I think that’s a freaking understatement.

But then, that’s just what I think. Trial by media that she is playing to her advantage quite skillfully. But.. She has this on her side: People, in general, are so honest, that nobody wants to think someone would go that far to stain someone else’s reputation. To think that she could do that, or to say like she did, would also make us feel like staining HER reputation. But that is exactly what this claim is dependent on, for the honest peopole to not believe such cold-hearted liars could exist… I don’t even think she is really after his money, I think what she wants is simply a plain old revenge… Assuming what I heard him say is real.

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