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The one thing NOBODY has told you about Donald Trump

His real currency is love and admiration, not the dollar


Look at the people Donald Trump is inspired by. They are not bad people to be inspired by. He is not inspired by corrupted people, liars or cheats, he’s inspired by intelligence, ingenuity, and great ability, but all you may see is money, but that is not his true inspiration. This man is a patriot like no other, he is passionate, he loves America, for better or worse, and he wants nothing more than for the American people to love him.

Tell him what you want. There has never been anyone in the Whitehouse more willing to give the people what they want. He is like a missile going for the things he knows people are screaming for, but you are screaming for the wrong things. You are drowning him in negativity when instead, you could treat him like Santa Claus. Tell him what it is that you want out of him, not what you don’t want. Give him instructions. THIS is how you’ll win us over. THIS is what you can do to make yourself the most loved and inspiring president we’ve ever had. THIS is how you make the black horse win the love of the people.

Tell him loud and clear what it is that you need from him. Be louder than the negative media. Give clear direction, and he’ll take it. He’ll run for it. He’ll do ANYTHING you want him to do, because, this man is someone with such a need to give and serve he’ll serve the wrong crowd if they give him a bigger reason to serve them than you. Make him yours.

It doesn’t matter now whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or independent or whatever, this man is your president now, and you have an INCREDIBLE and a UNIQUE opportunity to make the president of the United States of America into anything you want out of the perfect president. Do it. Teach him. Be loud. Be louder than his campaign. DEMAND good stuff. Tell him what you need.

Do it now.

Take action.

You CAN.


Like this:


The higher profile you are, the louder you need to be. Talk to your fans and ask them what to tell Trump. Share their messages to him. He’s superbly active on Twitter, he listens. He hears, but the negativity is going to ruin him, send him actionable instructions! He’ll listen to you over politicians, guaranteed! Bring out the best in him, as there’s a lot of unused potential in that man! You’ve got a president who is primarily now only waiting for instructions. Give him some and you’ll turn him into a super man.




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