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Touching base; some more Tarot for Guns n’ Roses

Photo credit: Ed Vill

I have done two tarot readings for Axl and Slash before, and the last times I did them, they were very much centred to Axl and Slash alone, but now that I read them back, I felt clearly, that there was the rest of the band very much present, and that it all involved them all, much more so than the time of the readings.

They are now in a much happier space, but some of the things I warned about are starting to happen, they confessed. I did a good job predicting problems, *pats herself on the back* but not so good job at bringing the stuff to their attention.

This time, a few less warnings and just a note; go by your instinct. You know some things are again out of your control, “like who works for who” Slash sighs, “but it’s good. Much better than the last time. People around us have matured, too, it’s a different world out there. Less controlling bullshit, and more ‘we get it’. It’s lovely, and a lot of them people are our own fans, giving their right arm for the band, who would have thought such young guys could have such old fans! ;)” Slash continues. “And now, say the good stuff you told us a moment before:” *grins*

Okay, the good stuff. 😀 Drugs, sex and rock n’ roll, namely, sex, and rock n’ roll! There are a few girls around you (women, yeah, most of them probably mothers of a hundred by now) but girls. There are a few girls around you that you like. Share them. Don’t worry who fucks who, that’s so last year, just love where love falls, honor your heroes, free love and all of that. Monogamy is way too boring and not at all rock n’ roll. Be a big happy family of rock and roll, love this time, love each other, be unbreakable by something so stupid as jealousy or marking one’s territory.

(This is more to the other people who might be gasping: AIDS is nearly defeated. Keep it that way but don’t worry about it. The rest of the stuff is a no consequence, as you might be well aware already.)

That’s all. You know what you’re doing, enjoy the band, enjoy the girls, enjoy the rock n’ roll.

And keep the fans out of your bedroom, I feel. How sad for us, but hey, it’s your love. 🙂

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