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Wish I could tell you it’ll be over soon

because it is, but how often have I told you that already? Just a little while longer, I’m almost there, I can tell… Be patient.

I read a quote today… Where is it, let me find it again… Ach, can’t find it again, but it was a variation of this:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” finished with something along the lines of: “and a journey of a thousand miles also ends with one single step.”

And don’t we know it, we need to take those lasts steps… but the thought helped. I wish I could tell if I’ve finished or not, I might have… It’s just that there’s been moments during this particular journey that have felt like the finish line that were not, and now I am crossed some line that doesn’t feel like the finish line but could well be – the female voices are almost gone. Almost. But what are left are kinda quiet. If this was the finish line, it was crossed with the understanding that my ultimate fear was to get a small income that would just cover my expenses, then losing that income and having to go back home to mum and dad. Right now I’m backed up by ex, which is not fair on him or his brother, but if I got a job and my own place here, then lost the job, that would be an immediate ticket back home time because I can barely cover my living expenses on the dole even though I live with ex. Perhaps worse still, I might get stuck with a job I loathe simply because I have to cover the rent – like most people. What I realised is that I have been waiting for a major ‘win’ so that I can put money aside in case I lose my job, otherwise I can’t move. Now, what do I do next is the question. Waiting for an opportunity to knock is what I’ve been doing, and now I simply have to find the trust that Opportunity is on his way. (Not talking about that dude who’s name I keep forgetting, dude’s soul appeared in my head for the first time with the word “OPPORTUNITY” floating above him like written in scarlet red flames! It felt like he’d grab your collar and scream at you if you are not prepared to give him AN OPPORTUNITY! I’ll bust him for it one day. XD)

Disturbing morning though. I shudder to think about it, for a few reasons. I can’t write that on a public blog, but woah. Let’s just phrase it this way: One of my miss guides took me for a pimp for celebrity cock. Yeah no. Not gonna happen. I know where she got the idea from, but it was still a stretch. On that note, I post you this one instead:


Having said that, I have been moronically worried about my teachings ending up in “wrong heads” so to speak, with me ending up with no credit if someone with a larger following would start to teach what I’ve taught to people inside my head. (Soul level privacy and copyright concerns and all that. :D) And now, I’m like… They can’t get the first thing straight so if anything they’d make a delicious mess out of things if they’d start teaching the parts they did understand.

Dude posted a pledge project too. A good day. :p Dude. The Belt Buckle Man. Whoa.

Oh and how could I forget. That disturbing morning couldn’t have started any better. I was whispering sweet moronics to the Magic Boy’s ear both last night and this morning. The Magic Boy was covered with Las Vegas glitter that blocks is own pixie dust. Not good, but he’s good. Most people that hide, are hiding an empty personality, this one is hiding the true beauty of his soul… Because such beauty doesn’t survive in a place like Las Vegas without a cover.


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